#Product Review : Avon Vitaluscious Lipsticks

Hi lovely !
Been awhile I haven't visit Avon boutique since last August 2014 !! OMG !! I feel like I wanna go tomorrow and buy some cosmetics and skincare with the lowest and affordable prices !! To be honest I love AVON because of their offers ! All women can be pretty no matter what !!
Here are the sneak peak the Avon's lipstick ! Well Avon has offered this lipsticks along time ago, but I will do review on this no matter what ! Haha :)

Healthier lips drenched in moisturelicious colours !
This healthy lipstick is nourished with almond, jojoba and lavender, and infused with rich vitamin B, C and E to improve up to 263% of lip cushion. The rich moisture of this lipstick makes the colour even richer, up to four times richer than the ordinary lipstick! With 10 vibrant shades, the Vitaluscious Lipstick is equipped with SPF 15 that protects your lips from harsh UV rays.

As you can see, many Malaysian women love to wear lipsticks, so we have to choose a very POWERFUL lipstick that can protect our lip from the heat of the sun, radiation and many more.

I don't know whether this is true or not, Avon has claimed that their Vitaluscious range has that POWERFUL ingredients to make our lips more healthier !

Look at those colors really killing me but make sure you test all the colors before you buy !
I got mine renewing rose and reviving red

very pigmented colors and way to glossy for the glazewear

Look how sexy my lip was

wowowoowow.... the red color lookin good btw

so this is how the shape packaging looks like

Do check their brochure regularly, because they offer the prices will craziiier your mind !!
These celebrities totally Love Vitaluscious Lipsticks !

Let's hear from these celebrities say about the Vitaluscious :

Thanuja Ananthan wears Vitaluscious Lipstick in Wine Wellness: “My work requires me to put on heavy makeup all the time, and I've always wondered if there's a makeup that doesn't clog and dry my face. Vitaluscious' MoistureSphere Technology turns on hydration and improves lip cushion up to 263%. It's like a treatment, in color! 10 intense, rich colors that make me feel oh so sexy. Now my lips become the centre of attraction… and I’m loving it!”

Adira wears Vitaluscious Lipstick in Reviving Red : “I work long hours everyday, running from one event performance to another and I need a lipstick that keep my lips moisturized all day long. Vitaluscious Lipstick has jojoba, almond and lavender oils, plus SPF 15 so my lips are supple and protected all day long! I love how vibrant Vitaluscious Lipsticks are. I put one swipe for daily use and add another for richer, fuller coverage. Best of all, it’s affordable!” 

Jane Ng wears Vitaluscious Lipstick in Vita Pink : “Normal lipsticks give you colour but not the kind of nutrients Vitaluscious does. It’s infused with Vitamin B, C & E. Colour like a lipstick with the goodness of a balm.Since my job doesn’t require me to put on heavy make up, so all I need is a swipe of Vitaluscious Lipstick and I’m ready to go!”

Syafiera beauty blogger wears in glazewear reviving red and mixed with vitaluscious lipstick in renewing rose says : " Okay as you can see my lip is looking really sexy in red after I applied it once on my lip, I love the smell, feeling like I wanna eat it, well, Avon claims these lipsticks can make my lip healthy and glowing, Vitaluscious Lipstick turns on hydration, softness and protection like a lip balm to my lip.

 The Vitaluscious Lipstick goes on sale this 16 February 2013 at RM19.90(S&S RM22.90).Contact your Avon Dealer or visit the nearest Avon Beauty Boutique to get your lips saver. For more information, call Avon’s Toll Free Line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866) or visit http://www.my.avon.com and their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AvonMy?fref=ts

 Okay, if you guys consume this item, why don't you guys share with me the experience, I would like to hear from you guys, Do comments and send me your feedback. 

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