Tool box as a makeup storage??

The tool box is much better than the makeup box storage. My massive make up products now are well-organized. You can get this box at any Mydin branches for RM21.70.
Compartment for small things

Small compartment for tiny items

Store up everything in this toolbox

Huge cheap made in china
It doesn't costly me up but I am totally satisfied enough because my stuff were well organized .

After I found the box, I was about to get home and suddenly there were 2 sisters from herbalife asked me to calculate my weight on their weigt scales. I found this interesting because the weight scale does not only calculate my weight but it does checking my fat under my skin and inside my organs.

Sadly my body Age is 28 years old,4 years ahead from my age, no wonder I look like a nanny !
The sisters were Adviced me to drink a lot of water at least 3 litres per day and do Some exercise to get my ideal weight.

The result paper 📄 
I'm gonna try to loose 4 kgs in This year. Wish me luck ! :)

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