Museum Of Illusions Kuala Lumpur will blow your mind

The Ames Room - Change the position ! You will turn into a giant and a dwarf.
Make sure 2 people are needed to see the differences ! We called it shrinking and growing illusions !
Last weekend my family and I managed to steps our foot in the Museum of Illusions Kuala Lumpur located in Ansa Hotel (Level 1 ) at Bukit Bintang. Ansa Hotel is located between between Fahrenheit88 and Lot 10 Mall. We called it as a place full of tricks and gonna work out our 'stay silence' brain !

Basically this Museum is an interactive place that offers a fun and educational experience. More than 70 exhibits which are all based on psychology, mathematics, biology and science. My kids including my husband well-spent the time together and learnt a lot of the vision, perception, the human brain and science through the attractive and fun exhibits offered by the Museum Of Illusions.

The Museum Illusions is a place where the adults can laugh, scream, run, take photos and everything else that is not allowed in other museum where my kids ALSO didn't feel the restriction and the place is known as the first MOI in Southeast Asia. Consists of several room of illusionistic, optical illusions and a playroom with didactic games and puzzles. The Museum of illusions is not static, it allows us to be creative and to play.

The Chair Illusions - I sat on the GIANT chair, guys ! It's actually a tricky illusions where there was no actual chair in there. How is it possible ? You need to check out by yourself ! Well, it's all about the perspective !
The Rotate Room - I finally can stand on my own hands !
Ahahah No need to have a YOGA skill balanced anymore because we can do it with no STRESS.

Head On The Platter - Not nice ya eat your mother's flesh ! The mirror actually do the MAGIC !

The game - Move it 1 by 1 and need make sure the SMALL must be on the BIG one - somehow this game does look like a pyramid, right ?
Kaleidoscope - The 3 pieces mirror in a triangle shape work it out !  I feel like I am in a photo editor application.  My face will haunting you all. Aha aha ha.
The Activity Game : The row total must 10 with different colors.
Im pretty sure you need to spend more than a minute to solve this !
Anti-Gravity Room : Now I feel like in a Matrix show. I can bent my ankle without falling down. haha..

Face Swaps : The best thing to do with your Partner, change the Eyes, nose and mouth.. you can create another faces. Creepy juga sometimes tau ! OMG haha..

Mirror Illusions : You can see a box right now when you go to the left you can see a floating triangle !
The mirror does the trick !

Black and White, one going down one going up... 

What do you see in this photo illusions ?

There is no The DEAD end.. the lights will keep pass 'beyond the reality,' still the mirror does the trick now I will not look at the mirror no more.. ha ha ha..

The Empty Room - I am still not really sure why the room is called : EMPTY - i feel like my life is full of color right now. the tri-color lamps which is the primary color - red, green and blue reflect on the object and turn the shadow into the secondary colors - yellow, orange and cyan. well the object looks intagrammable worthy already !

The Infinity Room - yes the mirror is the main trick in the Museum of illusions KL, we split a person into Kembar 3 ! hee.

The Vortex Tunnel : This one is the funniest one, actually the bridge tak gerak lansgung pun! The only thing is move is the blue purple thingy in the tunnel. But I couldn't stand properly at all. Super Dizzy wei ahahaha.. my kids menjerit wei takmau masuk... they thought of rumah hantu already. But you guys is rugi if you guys not experiencing this tunnel.

The Block and wooden pieces Game : I won't lie that I already play these wooden blocks since I was like 6 years old but still I couldn't figure out the combination. Haha what a poor memory I had. 
There was a smart playroom for all ages where we managed to play games and competing each other by solving the wooden puzzles. Didactic games and puzzles encourage adults and kids to 'think outside the box' by solving them a big trouble ! Actually it was a great activity that helps us to workout the brain and encouraged our cognitive abilities too !

The museum is also the distrubutor of Dilemma didactic games and puzzles. if you get really intrigued about a certain game or puzzle you can purchase it in the museum shop and keep exercising your brain at home. The museum is spread more than 4000 sqm of space.

The Optical & Photo Illusions - Static photo but if you keep staring on it, it will spinning, expand and moving. You'll see different length, height and width but actually those shape equal to same sizes !
Face Illusions, the vase actually has a huma face, meanwhile the old man will keep staring at you whenever you left to the right, right to the left ! Sounds Creepy right ?!

The Museum of Illusions offers many events such as organization of birthday celebrations, corporate events, and school trips. The birthday celebrations are intended for the younger population (children 5-15 years old) and include a guided tour through the museum, playing didactic games and solving puzzles in the Smart Playroom.

The price of the ticket is :

With MYKAD :
Adult: RM35
Children  (5-15 years old) : RM25
Family 2 KIDS 2 ADULTS : RM90

Without MYKAD :
Adult: RM45
Children  (5-15 years old) : RM35
Family 2 KIDS 2 ADULTS : RM120

Opening Hours : 10 am to 10pm

How to get there ?
Public Transportation : 1 Minute walking distance from Bukit Bintang MRT and Monorail
Waze : Musseums of Illusions KL / Ansa Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Parking : Flat price RM6- RM10 in a day besides the Novel Hotel, or Fahrenheit88 mall or LOT 10.

You may call 03-2110 2654 or email

For more information, please visit :
Museum of Illusions KL
Instagram : @moi_kualalumpur
Facebook : @moi.kualalumpur
Twitter : @moi_kualalumpur
Official Hashtag : #museumofillusionskl #museumofillusionskualalumpur #kualalumpur

All the booth exhibits surely will make your instagram photo looks so so insta-worthy tau ! Don't forget to visit !

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  1. kalau pergi tempat2 cem trick museum ni kena cretive nak posing.
    CT fail da kat situ hehe.. kalo posing je kaku berdiri keras hehe..

  2. Saya dgn famili suka la pergi tempat macam ni. Kat penang, ada satu tu ... tapi dia ada guide yang akan bantu nak ambilkan gambar, pastu dia ajar cara nak posing dengan betul. Jadi, gambar trick illusion akan nampak best ...


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