A dorm room is usually a standard issue: void of character and personality. Every dorm room has the
same essentials and looks similar to each other. This can be a dampening thought for people who like
expressing themselves creatively.

The approach you need to take to make your dorm room feel like home is, in fact, a no-brainer. You
might say that it depends on where you live and what the bones of the room are like, but we beg to
differ. It doesn’t matter where you live, whether it is in suburban setia eco park or in the heart and
bustle of KL, or whether your dorm room has modern or traditional architecture. In reality, a dorm room is still a dorm room.

However, fret not, as the ideas we have listed below are applicable in a whole range of dorm room scenarios. While the space and architecture inside each dorm room differs, the underlying idea behind
these design tips remains the same and can be applicable to any dorm space. What’s best is that a lot of these tips also work well even with a limited budget.

Read on for tips on how to transform your uninspiring dorm room into your own personal and privateoasis.

Start with a color palette

Although you can’t do anything with the floor plan or the wall paint, there’s no reason you can’t add a splash of color through your décor choices. Dorm rooms usually have white or neutral wall colors. So, you have free reins to pick and choose the color palette of your décor – if you live alone, that is.

If you live in a shared dorm, think about coordinating with your roommate. This helps to maintain
cohesion and keep you and your roommate’s décor styles from clashing. Choose a palette of four colors and stick to it. Then, work with tones that are derivatives of your main color palette. Ideally, you and your roommate should have complementary décor choices, such as plain duvets or something with a complementary pattern. However, if you don’t, then the color choice will help harmonize your décor elements.

Play with the layout
Sometimes, it’s not about what you put in your space, but how you put things in your space. If you feel that your dorm room is drab and boring, switch up the arrangement of he furniture! This is an easy way to inject a breath of fresh air into any space.

Alternatively, the furniture and décor pieces that you bring into your space should be well thought out
in terms of how it contributes to the layout of your space. For example, instead of a bulky bookshelf that takes up valuable square footage on the floor, consider placing shelves on the wall. You can even play around with different derivatives of shelving. For example, consider a lightweight and versatile wall ladder instead of traditional shelving.

Upgrade your desk chair

As they say, comfort is key. Odds are, when you’re living in a dorm room, you’ll be spending a lot of your time sitting at the desk studying and doing homework. Why should you do so on an uncomfortable standard desk chair? Normal desk chairs leave little to the imagination and can look bland, boring and uniform.

You can just as easily make the chair more comfortable and chicer. Plus, it also helps with your health. Just easily drape a fluffy blanket over the back of your chair and call it a day. You can even go the extra route and splurge on a nice – but still fashionable – desk chair. Just remember to bring it with you when you leave.

Add a big rug

A rug is an important decorating tool that can instantly add a touch of coziness to your space. However, there’s plenty of other good reasons why you should roll a rug out on your dorm room floor. Adding a big rug o your space is a great way to ground your space. This helps you set your own tone for your personal space.

Another perk? If your dorm room has less than appealing floors, such as aged tiling, or questionable
carpeting, a rug is your answer to these problems. Just unroll your rug and sweep all your troubles away under it.

Incorporate wall art

Art pieces are a great way to add a personalized touch to an otherwise sterile dorm room that is void of character. However, be sure to keep your wall art well-balanced to prevent things from getting too
overwhelming. Try to maintain a semblance of cohesion in your wall hangings. However, don’t feel the need to make everything matchy-matchy.

You can stick to two or three pieces of art with similar subjects. Or, you can also use similar frames for your art pieces. Just add a bit of variety by playing around with the width and thickness of the frames. Also remember to leave at least one wall free of any form of art. This brings us in to the next point.

Negative space is your friend

With small spaces, sometimes there’s the problem of adding too much. This is a rookie mistake that you should not deign to make. Too much décor in your space can sometimes make your space look more cramped than it actually is, especially in small dorm rooms. There’s no valid reason for you to need to have art or furniture fill every available nook and cranny of your room.

Instead, embrace negative space to let your eyes have a place to rest. Not only does this help you
reduce the amount of furniture and décor you need in your dorm room, it helps keep costs don’t as well, as you won’t need to spend as much to fill up your space.

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