You need to Bring your kid's immunization book below 7 years if you want to get treatment for them in KK.

I believe this is a really sensitive issue, yeah it's not a mandatory yet and it is still a choice for those who wants or vice versa to get it for their kids. I've noticed this is not a good thing after  we all fighting each other to make sure that everyone needs their shot and vice versa.

As a parent and I was a vaccination lover once upon a time ago and my son got his shots monthly without delays and I am the one who handled the progression noticed that my son received the adverse effect after the MMR shot kot, then how many times I was like 'naikturun' pakar following his checkup to make sure that he is fine.. uuu.... not trying to remember those dark past as I don't want to get involve any bad effects any more for my kids.. after those tragic things, now I just make sure that my kids eat proper food and strengthen their immune system to fight weirdo bacterias and viruses, that's gonna be my 'tawakal or 'ikthiirar' for my kids instead of injected weakened bac or viruses under the skin layer for antibody to reacts with it, if you don't have a good immune system I wonder if your body can removed the toxins injected. Past is past trying not to bring back... don't say anything anymore and frightening me with the death cases caused by tibi ke, diphtheria ke anymore because the case last time I've watched their lifestyle kot, plus misis pun ada juga infected with diph padahal already vaccinated.. so don't judge.. you want to know more bout the case you can google lah.. so lazy to tepek here, btw my son is fully vaccinated, and yes he was not accepted by kemas because the teacher couldn't handle him - only because he main air outside the classroom, LOL !

Whatever happened kan, I believe everything ada consequences okay ! let's say la if you are vaccinated if Allah kasi sakit penyakit yang supposedly prevented, nak buat macam manakan ? If only AEFI di'spread'kan lagi bagus at least mommies yang Bayi SIDS tu tahu lah what caused by it kan possibilities dah ada.. AEFI list dah ada... uuu... so many kids warded nowadays yeah blaming the genetics lah usually kan... especially eczema one... :(

Me before angguk-angguk but once dah terkena pedih sakit ALLAH je tahu.. my son tatolly turned blue pale... so takut to remember balik yo... but now almost 3 years berlalu, my son dah besar, I keep sumbat him habastus sauda until today, that's my tawakal jaga pemakanan kadang-kadang robek juga... roti yang gardenia tu la he keeps nak makan yo..

Last time I went KK kan, I saw a notice.. kanak-kanak di bawah 7 tahun sila bawa buku imunisasi untuk menerima rawatan di klinik ini.. fuh...

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