I think I am the Most ANNOYING BLOGGER

Guys, sorry recently, This idea to write 10 TYPES OF AN ANNOYING BLOGGER sounds like referring to myself, I thought being a blogger actually just for fun - to write anything I want, I experience and what I feel but when I received so many invitations from others people surely I will meet the other bloggers. Why this title pop up on my mind ? Actually do anyone care what I think ? Duh !

The 1st thought what came on my mind is a blogger who always think they are famous enough, So I am such a follower when meet them, they look like I am a stranger to them, well actually that supposedly to be-lah. Well for me I think that's really an annoying blogger when they started rolling their eyes.

Mak Blogger Always Sentap Fast - take note
Do not ever ask about someone's appearance, Duh the story appeared when I was on the recent event I met a mak blogger, I did not why the hell such a question that appeared in my mind, I asked her : Eh, are you pregnant again ? Yet Then she just smiled and that time I didn't even any guilt asked her that kind of Q because the questions actually frequently asked by my friends to me asking me whether I'm pregnant again. Duh and Guessed what, the night of the day she wrote a status regarding the Q I asked her, OMG a bit surprised too plus reading the backup comments from her friends I Just said WOW, only because one question then looks like they have a super-power to tell someone's that they even knowing kot. Plus put on blaming because of the only Q, well I just said Haha. Plus I don't even care pun whether she famous or not. Lewls ! Well for a time-being I guessed I need to stay away from this kind of blogger. Luckily there are some other bloggers I've met so sporting kot ;)

Kopi-Pasta Blogger
Wow, if you can guessed this kind of blogger well actually it among us, plus me too sometimes if I don't have any idea about the event INFORMATION I went for the whole days I will copy from others the information but I 'll change the words kot. But usually I will copy from the press release-lah because not many of bloggers usually update as fast as furious 8.

An annoying Orange will blow your mind tho

I hate to see Bloggers yang tak habiskan makanan
I knew it sounds like me juga, especially when go to food review event, ha ha ha, I thought I am the only one who Makan like pelesit, usually I eat sampai pinggan licin wei, something wrong, some people makan tak habis, I think memang wasted la, don't know why I'm super sensitive if they people throw away the food like that ;| For me if you cant finish the food why take so many yah ? Well I should question that too to myself.

I hate the Blogger RVSP so many events ended up not coming while we all waiting them hah
Well I guessed this is totally me kot, RVSP'ed but didn't manage to attend, Happened to me once but literally I don't feel like I wanna talk about it, it's related with someone else but don't tell her, she doesn't know it. Lol.

Well I think I want to end this, suddenly feel my eyes so heavy already. I need to sleep. Hehe.

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