8 Reasons to Get an Honor 8 !


Hello everyone !
Syafiera here ! Yay !
Honor 8 is now available in Lazada which is an easy-access for the online shopper and I am one of the 'die-hard-fan' LAZADA Shopper ! Oh Yes !

Honor 8 - Beauty in your own way is a quote for the gadget-lovers. Do you like something thin and looks elegant that will occupied on your hand ? If me I'm totally in love with something beautiful and fit the lady-fingers. What's so special about Honor 8 and why you should own it ? Stop wondering ! I have 8 reasons that I managed to listed down why we all should have an Honor 8 !

For the "KAKI-SELFIE" like me I guessed Camera is a main thing that I should make as the main reason. No camera then no duck-face selfie lah ! Camera with good quality lenses will make you look beautiful and clear look, at least if you want to photoshop your face the pixels will not break into pieces !

  1. With Crisper details and captures more light to produce stunning colored pictures are available in Honor 8's dual 12MP lenses.
  2. Perfect depth-of-field shots is ensures with the Honor 8's built-in ISP measures in depth information accurately.
  3. Contrast, Depth, and Laser Focus modes are available in Honor 8 for you to try many various photography styles.
  4. Now everyone who owns an Honor 8 can do an experiment to get a perfect shot like a professional photographers !
  5. The best part ! Now you can achieve superior selfies even in low light conditions with an 8 megapixel front-facing camera !
  6. Using the perfect Selfie Mode to enhance your selfies moment !
  7. Wide Aperture mode is available in Honor 8 for you to set apertures between F.095 to F16 for beautiful depth of fields shots. Your focus after taking the photo also can reset.
So now, What are you waiting for ? Let's Selfie-Lah !

Wohoo, this is what all I wanted in a smart phone, yes fast charging ! Basically I do my work non-stop through the smart phone, and sometimes when the smartphone in low battery I have to wait another 2 hours to touch back my smart phone, I don't dare to do my work while the smartphone in charge, I'm afraid if my smart phone explode like many cases before.

In just 30 minutes 9V/2A gives you a 47%  power boost with fast charging technology. Honor 8 claimed that if you already charge in 10 minutes you still get a two-hour phone call or six hours of offline music. 3000mAH battery capacity supported by Smart Power 4.0 maximize its stand-by time. 1.77 days for normal usage and 1.22 days for heavy usage. The High Capacity and long lasting battery is able to give you up to 10 hours "worth of offline video-playing."

Wow surprisingly that Honor 8 now is Eco-friendly. Well, it is a nice thing for mobile-users to supports this innovation. Safe the Earth from destruction ! Honor 8 is UL 110 compliant at platinum level and meets industry-recognized sustainability standards. I heard all packaging and manuals are printed using soy-based ink. Its box is made of FSC-Certified paper which is a testament to Honor's support for sustainable forest harvesting methods.


  • In just 0.4 seconds now you can unlock with Honor 8's improved fingerprint scanner. 
  • The phone's first layer of security use your fingerprint ! The level 4-fingerprint collection algorithm that collects 3D information of your fingerprint by the fingerprint security feature is attributed by enhancing the fingerprint recognition.
  • Allow you to launch your favorite apps with the versatile fingerprint scanner the customize-able smart key.
  • Least-not-least : NFC tag read N write, P2P transfer and SIM/HCE-based mobile payment is supported by Honor 8 !

Color enhancement and dynamic pixel-level contrast adjustment technology definitely brings a great view experience with brighter color, smarter visibility control and more details ! Equipped with 96% high color gamut (NTSC) for Honor 8's 5.2-Inch FHD Display.

Furthermore, You can comfortably enjoy all your videos, games or e-books on your phone with eye-care mode filters out blue light to reduce eye strain ! Yea another perfect invention for the eye-problem user !


It's so slim, sleek with rounded edges, dual 2.5D glass and perfect for the hand grip. Smooth, elegant and ergonomic design was produced by the strength and beauty glass of Honor 8 Leverage. For a sophisticated finish, 15-layer craftsmanship and 3D grating were polished and one of a kind has been made. HONOR 8 looks elegant and beautiful which is more likely close to my personality. I want it so badly !

Flawless multitasking and seamless gaming are enables with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM. 2.3GHz octa-core CPU built on a 16nm architecture to power the Honor 8. For a smooth user experience, a rapid smart file processing system is included in Honor 8.

The processing speeds, response times and battery life upgraded  with the i5 co-processor works aligned with the Kirin 950 SoC chipset. The CPU Chipset contains an 15 co-processor, which controls Honor 8's sensors and other features.

  • Smooth and seamless powered by 2.3GHz Octa-core CPU and i5 Co-Processor.
  • Play video games or watch videos with 5.2FHD (Full High-definition) Display in a crystal clear and crisp definition.
  • No need to wait ! Honor 8 Smartphone has an impressive features if you are running low battery. Packed with a 3000 mAh battery with its 9V/2A fast charging technology. You can boost the battery up to 47% in 30 minutes. You can make a call up to 2 hours and play 6-hour worth off offline music with ease by plug in the official charger without needing it to fully charged! 



I've listed 8 reasons why you should own an HONOR 8 ! Well for me having a smart phone is a must in this sophisticated life especially for a 'KAKI SELFIE' mama like me so I guess Honor 8 is the best one ! And LAZADA offered an HONOR 8 from RM1699.

Honor 8 is available in Lazada now! 
Click here >>HONOR 8 !<< to shop! 

Lazada's My Cybersale is happening on 26 - 30 Sept. 
Check it out!


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