Nak tangkap gambar minta izin dulu ye ! Nanti kena saman !

Lesson learned !
So harini I pergi redeemed/claimed my hadiah as I won a hair treatment from blogger friend. I was yeah ! The hair treatment costed around RM300-RM400 I guessed as the caller told me that around that price, I wasn't givinG attention all I knew I just won a contest from my BLOGGER friend.

That hair center claimed the already 60 years dah ! But too weird I just knew about their service only by this few weekend ago from my blogger friend. So hey you have to thank to the blogger for prompted your service !

Okay back to the main title, so recently I meant TODAY ! okay I buat hair appointment dengan the hair service center through HQ.I said I nak tukar the time from 2pm to 12.30pm sebab I nak balik awal as SHE mentioned the time untuk treatment around 2 hours per session, and then I memang nak balik awal because Intention I nak pergi jalan-jalan or nak balik rumah berehat because harini I puasa ! The Staff entahlah, I do not think she's friendly maybe tengok gaya I macam orang miskin kot, ha3.

Later I was too excited masuk the hair center and then I captured several photos  the logo of the hair centre in the waiting area. I was so amazed with the wall paint/deco, I  captured la the wall but accidentally I captured one of the customer. Then the customer scolded the staff that I tangkap gambar dia... and then the staff suruh I delete gambar the customer... he said nak repot and so on..

The staff kata that man was a lawyer so dia suruh delete... so I deleted je la his photo.. yeah well admitted my fault ambil gambar without permission, muehehhe.. but relax le bukan i nak pos pun gambar you. i usually will delete non-special photo especially when it comes a stranger accidentally came in my photo.. gah but well maybe that was his right, ala biasalah dunia moden nowadays.. but I felt like wow not so sporting.. I was a paparazzi pula, but weird tho accidentally taken the stranger photo. Frustrated, sedih kena scolded like that seems like I made a big mistakes like kill people's soul pula just accidentally tertangkap gambar stranger.. damned seriously he spoiled my mood.. and then the staff pun really spoiled my mood too, masuk-masuk explained the hair things suddenly kata I datang lambat pula but actually I tak datang lambat pun ! I datang 12.30pm kot which is my appoinment supposedly on 2 pm ! But I called again I nak buat early-treatment.

Okay after diagnosis my hair, then dia ambil calculator and calculate the price how many treatment I should do to make sure my hair scalp much better than before... she said a week 1 time to see a better result and all the costs around rm2k+. fuh sweat glands. my husband boleh je bayar rm2k tu but for me it's totally not worth at all since even I didn't do the treatment my hair still boleh panjang, but she said as prevention untuk rambut gugur dan botak. the treatment memang treat la my scalp.. but but hey no money no talk, unless I'm big mama im pretty sure I'll do treatment hehe.

I malas nak fikir but I just want to rest cuma What I want to tell, I am accidently terambil gambar orang without permission yo ! That was my lesson today ! Now if you want to do selfie make sure no people at the back okay nanti kena marah !

Since I'm not orang kaya to do the treatment on the next time! I'm surely will figure out another hair service that I think suitable with my salary even I can afford to do so. But with the service with the not-sporting customer I guessed I just need to stay away from these people ! Haha... my fault but I think I deserved to write up my dissatisfaction in my blog, not mentioning the hair centre and the Orang kaya sombong tu because I just wanna released my frustration with these kind of people. ha3 !

Thanks for reading !

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