My Huge Pores Problem | Pamper Myself at IPL Skin Care Clinique

Hello everyone !
Syafiera again here, back again with another Spa and it's actually like treatment for anti-aging I went last Saturday.
Okay, basically the same thing happening to me again and again with the active skin explosions of like an earthquake etc acne, pimples, white head and aliens staying in my pores seems like they making a stay-cation inside there until my pores visible with huge sizes ! I've been like a government trying to halau all of them in my pores but why they are totally so degil and really hard to move away even I've killed several of their species ! Omg ~ Totally hard to vanished, they seems like membiak so fast within like 10 seconds on my skin, I guessed my face seems like really good place for them to collect food and so on.

Last time I did secured my seat in IPL Skin Care Clinique which is basically already in KL in the city center almost 10 years. My Bad and its actually in the Star Hill Gallery which is my 1st time go melawat that mall. I'm not so good in traveling but the mall seems like for corporate modern living style I bet only rich people would like to get around there.

So basically, the IPL Skin Care Clinique is actually in the Star Hill Gallery which you can pass in from Sephora and then just take it lift to the upper level and I did passed through a small gate away which there are so many heavenly clothes with super double pricey, then Only I made my succeed from the gate-away. Wow in the Pamper Level, there are so many beauty skin center, It's seriously for the relaxing time for those who needs the services, yea well I guess it's my time to stress- relieve with the pamper time moment !

Once I sampai in front of the IPL Skin Care Clinique, I've been welcomed by the IPL Skincare Clinique's Manager : Puan Linda, she's around 50 years but from my impression she looks much younger than her age right ? Somehow her skin looks much better than mine. I could not tell or believe her age around 50 years because she looks nothing like because she almost wrinkles-free. Once I am in the consultation room with her, she basically ask me what's my skin condition and she introducing to me the IPL Skincare Clinique services, most of the treatment for anti-aging- the timeless glow of youth.


Puan Linda told me about a beauty machine which will firm and give your skin looks much younger than your age, because I am 26 I guess I need a lil treatment for me to look younger than my age, Oh Now I want to look like 18 years old ! I don't want to be an old lady before the age perhaps I already have 2 kids that always make me looks like a lion seriously !

So nama beauty machine ni ialah Energist Ultra-VPL dicipta khas untuk memberikan power dan juga fleksibiliti yang most of us needed untuk mendapatkan keputusan yang baik pada raut wajah.  Terdapat lebi kurang 840 different pulse variations and energy output level yang dikatakan boleh mencecah sehinga 51J/cm3 yang sangat senang di kawal dengan menggunakan Touch-screen PC bewarna.

VPL-Variable Pulsed Light salah satu mesin kecantikan untuk generasi masa kini yang secara efektifnya membuang bulu roma dan mengembalikan awet muda pada wajah kulit. Pulsed Light adalah sangat berkesan berbanding teknik laser mengikut kajian. Lebih bagus dan senang diserap ke dalam kulit disamping memperbaiki dan menstrukturkan kembali kulit wajah.

4 fungsi Utama Energist Ultra-VPL :
  1. Permanent Hair reduction : Mengurangkan lebihan bulu roma secara kekal means like later bulu roma takkan tumbuh baru lagi.
  2. Skin Rejuvenation : Meremajakan kulit wajah
    • Improving the sign of aging and sun damage
    • Reducing Pigmentation, wrinkle & fine line
  3. Thread vein and other red blemish treatments
  4. Acne Management
Actually there are so many services provided in IPL Skin Care Clinique, not only VPL-Variable Pulsed Light but they are also offering The B3 Biogenese Beauty Balance 100% Pure Frozen Living Cell Origin from France which is World's Most Complete Cell Theraphy and HIFUiSHAPE the precise lifting and tightening System for the slimming treatment.


But like me I've done like a basic facial treatment and back massage with the hot stone. They claimed the Hot stoned came from the volcano. SO my beautician today is Miss Zana, she's from Tawau,Sabah. She's already in IPL skincare clinique about 4-5 years if I'm not mistaken.

What did we do in the treatment room? She requested me to change my clothes with the provided baju treatment to wear. And then she started to cleanse all the makeup on my face with makeup cleansing milk, She removed the makeup with the cotton pad smoothly so my skin will not feel irritate I guessed.  And then I believe she started to cleanse my face with deep cleanser to remove the dirt on my face, she used blue sponge to cleanse all the liquid excess on my face.

Continue with other basic steps like used toner to minimize the pores, she moved to the extraction techniques to extract all the bumps on my skin like acne, white head and also black head. Actually I won't dare to do the extraction by myself because seriously I am afraid of the pain but I just let Zana to do it because I gave her like 100% trust to do it, hehe. After done the extraction, she took the cotton pad on my eyes and wipes the cotton pad all over my face. The next step, time for the mask - net on my face, I can hear, she's brewed the mask, I guessed the mask is a powder type and need to put several water to make it concentrated, then she puts a net and applied the brewed mask on my face. Wow the mask was super COOL and it does helps my skin feel so relieved after the extraction time.

While waiting for the mask to dry, Zana used the hot stone which is came from the volcano and massaged my neck and back. That time I can feel my veins started to sounded like there are too much "angin" in there. It was so relaxing and I feel like I need more time for it after days with stress I went through recently it's including the stress on traffic jam and the hot weather !

The mask dried and she pulled the mask upwards and then she applied toner, moisturizer with SPF. The treatment done with a smile on face.

I believe these all the products used during the basic facial treatment. But if you guys likely interested to try the treatment, Don't forget to visit their outlet today !

For More Information about IPL Skin Care Clinique :
ipl skin care clinique,
S2 Pamper Floor,
Starhill Gallery,
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

603-2141 4277
603-2141 4280

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