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Syafiera again here,

Remember last time I went to Cremorlab event at One Utama Centre Court but seriously I am super late because I didn't check the event place I thought it was happening in Muse By Watsons at Sunway! heheh, I sampai je kat situ, beautician dalam tu pelik yang I suddenly eh mana event Cremorlab? Lel. haha.What a clumsy and careless ! Really missed a lot of fun activities during the Event in OU.

I've heard about this product is quite good and Michelle Phan also suggested us to stock up Cremorlab if among of us visit Seoul. She said that her skin still tip top even she was on flight almost 18times within a week ! Her secrets : "Hydrates"

Okay I am super excited when The Butterfly Project ada buat invitation for Cremorlab, yea at last I can discover the Korea most popular product !

I totally in <3 With the Packaging and the design, especially with the "wave white swirls" - the art always I doodled when I was studying in graphic class, I never knew those swirls will fit on the bottles ! I know most of us attracted b the swirls because I've read so many impressions on the designs before the "ingredients contain inside"

Cremorlab is a complete skincare -  they are available in :
  1. Pre-cleanser
    • Refreshing Cleansing Gel Oil RM89/150ml
    • Cleansing Veil RM10/10sheets
  2. Cleanser
    • Gentle Foaming Cleanser RM59/145ml
    • O2 Bubble Energizing Mask RM105/100ml
  3. Essence
    • Mineral Treatment Essence RM 136.80/270ml
  4. Toner
    • Essence Tonic RM73.20/250ml
  5. Mask (Special Care)
    • Aqua Tank Water-Full Mask RM20.20 25g/5ea
    • Nutrition Deep Intensive Mask RM20.20 25g/5ea
    • Herb Tea Calming Mask RM10.50 25g/10ea
    • White Bloom Floral Mask RM10.50 25g/10ea
  6. Moisturizer
    • Fresh Water Gel RM126.20/100ml
  7. Mists
    • Mineral Water RM23.40/50ml.120m.300ml

I met with the Cremorlab Marketing Team from Korea. Hyeme Lee.

I received 2 product samples by Amanda Gan to try by myself, 
the most famous items : Mineral Treatment Essence and Fresh Water Gel.

the extraordinary healing energy of fermented thermal water0
 ‘T.E.N. Cremor Mineral Treatment Essence’ 

5 in 1 Total Solution Essence provides 5 different skin effect 
 (Highly effective hydrating, skin texture care, pore care, whitening and anti-wrinkle effect) 
  •  With organic mineral, T.E.N. Cremor Total Treatment Essence of Korea’s First Mineral Water Skincare Brand 
  • Helps your skin find radiance and firmness 
  • Technical R&D Cooperation: The institute of Hydro therapy The Catholic University of Korea (increases 33% moisture content in the skin) 
  • 10 nanoparticle of T.E.N. maximizes percolation rate into the skin so its efficiency permeates into the skin. 
  • Caring pores and skin problems 
  • 5-Free System: Parabens, Artificial color, Mineral oil, Petrolatum, Benzophenone 
Mineral total moisture essence contains T.E.N., formulated through collaborative research with Catholic Medical School in Korea, and it is paraben free, artificial color free, fragrance free and denatured alcohol free. It is a one-step solution that contains natural minerals to take care the pores and natural fermented components with high skin compatibility that provides ample moisture and also takes care of pores, wrinkles, skin resilience, and texture. It will help you to find your original radiant skin back. 

How to use 
Apply Mineral Treatment Essence on a cotton pad or with your hands. With a cotton pad: Gently glide saturated cotton pad over face and neck. With your hands: Gently press it to the face and neck. 

So far, I thought this essence seems like SK11 but totally not the same. It's so watery with mineral properties where the essence rapidly restores my skin's primal balance. On the first use I can feel my skin so hydrates  and rejuvenated. I decided to transfers this essence into my spray mist bottle, so whenever I want to use, I just spray on my face instead pour the essence on the cotton pad, I guessed it's gonna waste if the essence stick on the cotton pad lel. Spray mist works much better ! I don't know how to keep compliment as my skin looks so glowing and more radiance than before ! I thought I would like to give to members for them to try ! But now I have to ask them to buy for themselves if they want to try because this essence is super amazing. Couldn't describe more but I totally love it !

T.E.N. Cremor for Face Fresh Water Gel
highly effective hydrating, soothing & smoothing for all skin types 

Lightweight Hydrating Gel Cream with super hydration
  • Technical R&D Cooperation: The institute of Hydro therapy The Catholic University of Korea (increases 63% moisture content in the skin) 
  • 5-Free System: Parabens, Artificial color, Mineral oil, Petrolatum, Benzophenone 

light-weight gel cream hydrates, soothes, and invigorates the skin by building a layer of moisture protection that keeps skin supple without oily and sticky. It contains natural Bulgarian rose oil, known as the queen of all essential oils, to provide soothing qualities and penetrates deep into the skin. 

Key Ingredients 
  • Bulgarian rose oil: moisturizing and soothing 
  • Natural plant extract(Witch Hazel, greenteal extract, Rosa-canina fruit extract): Moisturizing 

How to use 
Apply over the face and neck every morning and night after using toner and eye cream.

Fresh water gel is more face haunted I thought ! Lel, my impression started to blooming when I applied this water gel on my face, I was feeling like the water burst into my skin cells and give more hydrate on every single my skin layers into the deep layer. It also tighten my pores and make my skin more firm than before. As you can see on my skin so glowing after the 1st use. I recommended for those who are having super dry skin ! Get one for your own skin benefits !

So far - I suka sangat both of the essence and water gel ! Satisfied sangat tengok pores bertambah halus dan kulit semakin sihat especially for acne skin like me !

A new classic in hydration
Exclusively at Watsons
Alamanda- One Utama- Paradigm- The Mines - CitySquare, JB- KLCC- Suria Sabah
For further information : Contact Amanda Gan,

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