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Let's pack your stuff - buy a ticket, update your passport, dress like an innocent-decent girl or cloth-less and don't miss your flight to Korea. But now you don't have to, it's not because of the MERS ! but if you go to Korea looking for beauty products with affordable prices you don't have to troubling yourself for it only if you want to learn the culture and the weather then you can go fly. Haha.


Free Shipping on orders over RM150, yeap no more worries with fake products, affordable or might cheaper than retail price, return within 30 days if you are not satisfy with the products received. Althea.Kr will do the best in their service for you guys.

Based on my experience which I already bought several items in there. Trust me, I totally in love how Althea handled the products I ordered and how fast the delivery system took within a week to get in front of my door's house.

I ordered several quality and branded product items from Korea - I guessed most of you guys know the well-known brands from there.

Actually I just wanted to let you guys know now you don't have to travel far away from your house to get the beauty products from Korea, it's vice versa now. Well I am one of the satisfied customer so I would like to let others who loves Korean brand to get for themselves too. No more worries with the prices because Althea will always up-to-date their price range - they can give you crazy discounts until 70% eg : "Piolang" 24K Gold Mask & Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar.

Guys - all you need to do is check by yourself! Althea.Kr

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