#Theater Review : Raja Ku Puteh at Auditorium DBKL


"Bangsawan Raja Ku Puteh" started from 10th April until 12th April 2015 every 8.30PM. The theater was happening at Auditorium Dewan Bandar Raya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL). The theater  were casting by Lokman Harmin (Raja Ku Puteh), Puteri Laila (Puteri Kurnia), Wan Wala (Raja Ku Puteh 2), Bocil Saywho (Raja Tunggal Al Salam) dan Vicha Saywho (Permaisuri Intan), Shazli Ekzos (Pawang Rendra), Wan Raja (Pendeta Kilat), Ali (Guruh), Weera (Dato Samar) dan Bakar Din (Raja Senyum).

The story of "Bangsawan Raja Ku Puteh" begins with the birth of a heir of the "Cempura Emas" country which has been named as Raja Engku Puteh. During the reign of "Raja Ku Puteh" all the rabbles were OKAY with him but he has to get marry to take over the empire. However he has a big problem as he was been cursed as a Black skin man and having women convulsions disease. From that moment he was determined to find the witch who has cursed and break the spells on him. On his journey, he has meet with amazing and spooky people. After he met with the witch, all the cursed has been broke except for his skin color. "Princess Kurnia" said she doesn't mind with "Raja Ku Puteh" skin color as long as the kindness of the heart still there for her to loves him.  

"Raja Ku Puteh" has 6 scenes for audiences to enjoy and have laugh during the show. Not only that, during the commercial breaks, there were another songs and dances performances by another entertainment groups.

"Raja Ku Puteh" was fainted after looked at a beautiful princess, "Puteri Kurnia" as he was having the convulsions disease.

A catchy performance from the girls and boys.

While Raja Ku Puteh were dreaming with the Princess Kurnia.

Love song Performance by Ainie Yusuff.

 The theater actors and actresses

The media bloggers during the theater.

Read more about JKKN and DBKL : http://syafierabeauty.blogspot.com/2015/04/semarak-bangsawan-comes-with-artistic.html

More attractive performances were promised during the glory of Nobility Series in 2015 until the last of December 2015. There are 6 more series such as "Awang Kudis Buta ( 8-10May 2015)," Kota Lukut(12-14June 2015)," Nila Kesuma(14-16August2015)," "Akan Dikemukakan(9-11October2015)," "Sumpahan Nujum Perawan(16-15November2015)," "Dewa Satria Lestari(11-13December2015)," for you to watch the theatrical performances and do not miss all the opportunities !

The theater tickets is only for RM 10 ( Regular ) and RM50 ( PREMIER ). What an affordable prices for everyone to come and enjoy the theater scenes.

For those who are interested to get the tickets and details about the available theaters along the "Siri Semarak bangsawan" are welcome to visit their website and facebook of JKKN.

Tel : 03-2614 8200 / 8262 / 8378 / 8210 / 8293 / 8206 / 8317

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