#Service Review : Tips to reduce Hair Fall Control & Oily Scalp at Daisuke Salon De Coiffure (Japanese Hair Saloon)

Actually there are many tips to prevent hair fall from the traditional treatment with aloe Vera, herbs and spices. Coconut oil also works if you apply it on your hair regularly but I know most of us are not really have a lot of time to do all the treatment things unless with dedication to gain the perfect beautiful hair.

So, Last Friday April 17, I got a chance to try the CO2 Hair & Scalp Treatment by Tansan Magic and Soda Spa Foam. I heard there are many beauty enthusiasts done these hair treatments. Well I am one of them that really impressed with the result. My hair became smoother than frizzier, less hair fall problem, and my scalp totally less and less oil, ahh seriously impressive! Thanks to the hair-beauty advisor Mr Daisuke, Sis Rubi and Rene for the help for my hair.

What is CO2?
Basically I think CO2 is a carbon dioxide, well it is true actually. Tansan Bubble Spa has utilized the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to deep cleanse your hair as the main fundamental ingredient.

The revolutionary new hair and scalp care treatment fully imported from the Japan was introduced by the Tansan Magic. They have combined the natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology in their range to make the good quality beauty products.

Tansan Bubble Spa claimed that your scalp will naturally cleansed and healed only a few sessions of application with TANSAN Bubble Spa which you can see the result immediately and improved with softness, volume and luster of your hair ! I think I would like to agree with those because my hair feels so much lighter and no more disgusting heavy oil on my hair only for the first session.

Have you visited to any hot springs or as know as traditional Japanese ‘onsen?’ Well this CO2 has a similar function with it to enhance the blood flow to your scalp, leaving you head feel refresh with more luscious and radiant-looking hair.

Why is CO2 trending in the beauty industry of Japan ?

First, I think it is recommended for those who have done the chemical stuff on their hair such as perm treatments and the hair dye as the CO2 helps to reduce the scalp itchiness with the deep cleanse treatment. My second thought, the CO2 helps to eradicate the harmful chemical residue, hair dust and sebum from the scalp. Third, it optimizes the results of hair coloring and perm. CO2 works to soften, lustrous and voluminous the hair. It also widens the blood capillaries to boost and improve the blood circulation.

Hurry Up GUYS! Let’s Experience a powerful new blast of
Carbonated Water Shampoo from JAPAN!

Why do you need to try this CO2 Hair treatment?
First, it helps to refreshing your scalp, then it helps to make you hair looks glossy, frizzy hair and weightlessly silkier and softer. As a remedy for oily scalp, it repairs dry and damaged hair by coloring or permanent. It helps to prevent hair loss like I am having it right now, but less hair loss made me happy! Deep cleaning action from carbonated water removes silicon, dirt and chemicals from the scalp, freeing up blocked follicles so that hair ca grow. This treatment highly recommended for those with damaged and thinning hair. Other than that, Carbonated Water has been clinically proven to improve blood circulation and deep cleans grease and dirt from follicles. It makes your hair weightlessly silkier and strengthens from root without using any chemical detergents.

What is Soda Spa Foam?

The “carbonated spring” is a kind of a hot- spring. A fine, rich foam created from carbon dioxide. When you take a carbonated bath, your body is covered with gas bubbles. It is said that this cabon dioxide gas absorbed from the skin makes capillaries widen and increases blood flow. Just applying and rinsing off to your face, hair, and body from the inside.


What happened to my hair for the 1st treatment of CO2 and Soda Spa Foam?
As you can see in the photos attached from the Instagram, there are two bowls of water of my hair washed liquid. Before is the Left bowl containing oil and disgusting flakes from my hair. And after the CO2 the liquid in second bowl looks so much clear from the nasty particles in the water. After the washed I can feel no more itchiness on my hair scalp and my head felt so refreshed. After the CO2 treatment, the beauty-hair staff helper, Sis Rubi cleansed and washed my hair away from the residue of the oil and flakes. And then she poured several amount of soda spa foam into my hair and massaged until the bubbles of the foam absorbed into my hair and then she washed my hair again until clean.

About Daisuke Salon De Coiffure
A Japanese hair salon located in Dataran 32, while most salon do offer Japanese Perm, Daisuke Salon knows the proper techniques needed to make the perfect perm. Their stylish are continuously trained by a Japanese stylish on the latest techniques, styles and fashion.

If you are not sure with the price for the treatment, do Call Daisuke Salon for more details and information.

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Sunday : 10:00AM-6:00PM

Daisuke Salon
Unit No. 25-01, Ground Flow, Block C,
Dataran 32,
No. 02, Jalan19/1
46300 Petaling Jaya
Opposite Toyota ShowRoom (section 19)
Tel : 03-79600140 

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