#Service Review : CallaLyn Aesthetics - Microdermabrasion, LED Theraphy and Gold Collagen Mask.

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On the last 24 March 2015, I had a chance to give my face a healing and recovery with the aesthetic service at CallaLyn PrimaNora. The service that I've tried is from Noor Neelofa's favourite facial. I won a contest as a celebration of Noor Neelofa's 26 birthday.

CallaLyn Aesthetics inside the PrimaNora Medical Centre.

There were 3 process were done on my face. Those are Microdermabrasion, LED Therapy and Gold Collagen Mask.

What is Microdermabrasion ?
From what I understood, it is a treatment machine to rejuvenate skin with a minimally abrasive instrument to remove the thicker, uneven outer layer and gently sand your skin.

There are so many types of skin can be rejuvenate especially with the light scarring, discoloration, stretch marks and sun damage.

A treatment machine that works on wonder. It helps to improve age spots, black heads and hyperpigmentation. To get a refreshed appearance, it helps to exfoliate the skin. If you have a big problem with stretch marks, go ahead try out this machine. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles and reduce and eliminate the enlarged pores. The biggest help for acne problem, it helps to treat the acne and also the scars left by the acne.

Collagen is a protein in the skin that's abundant when we are a child and makes the skin appear taut and smooth. The collagen starts to declines as we age, resulting uneven skin and looser.
To boost and thicken the collagen, Microdermabrasion is a perfect treatment !
(info : http://www.plasticsurgery.org/cosmetic-procedures/microdermabrasion.html)

LED therapy. There are so many benefits you can gain if you try out this therapy. This light probably helped for ulcers, osteoarthritis, and hair growth. And because I am not so expertise about these machines, you might want to google the function of this method. If me I think the LED light is to brighten the skin so the beautician can see the pimples and white head under the skin layer, so it will be easy for her to suck the aliens on my face with the Microdermabrasion.

Before the treatment starts, the beautician cleansed my face from any excess of dirt and make up, just to make sure the treatment work well without any aliens on my face with very gentle clinically proved product.

My eyes were closed by a pair of cotton and an eyes protector to prevent irritating eyes from the LED Light. The process went well with the whitehead's sucking machine. It is not a painless, I do not think it is easy to remove all the white head under the skin layer. No pain No gain, right ?

After the sucking session done, the beautician showed me how much the white heads were sucked in a jar of water. She said that I don't have a big problem with the white head issue, maybe only the pimplesand chicken pox scars on my face are super stubborn.

She puts a golden mask to reduce the irritation of my skin after the skin treatment.

A tip from Prima Nora about acne, you can read in the picture below.

So here is my beautician on that day, Sis Farah, I remembered her story about melatonin hormones that can be found within 10pm until 2 am when we are in sleeping mode. The only powerful anti-oxidants, anti-cancer and 3 times better than the vitamin C.

I won't tell the price as I don't know how the price charge. Depend on your skin problem and how many session you are about to attend.

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