#Product Review : Horien Eye Secret

Guess what's in my goodies bag from Horien. Stuff for us to try on and tell you guys know what we are think about their product. As you can see on the below picture, as the eye care product the must things item including the sunglasses, Contact Lenses and the Multi-purpose Solutions. Everything worth for eyes seems like cosmetics but these for the eyes.

On the last launched with the Yumi Wong as a Horien's ambassador. Horien introduces us their eye secret of color lenses and other great stuff for the eyes too. Met up with the newbie and Seniors of Butterfly projects talent made the event much merrier.

Horien Eye Secret 
38% 1 Day Color Lenses in Twinkle Star 1 Tone- Daily : Black

I am a huge fan of contact lenses because I have a problem with my distance sight but I  don't usually going out with contact lenses just sometimes I feel burden for my eyes. And I heard that once I wear the Horien Eye Secret I will feel nothing and comfortable all the times, haven't try yet but I am absolutely feel excited to wear !

Horien Eye secret 38 % 1 Day Color Lenses is safe, clear and will make you look beautiful. With the bio-molecule in 3D Wrap (BMW) Coloring method will make you eyes look gorgeous and you can see the clear air ! 

What else? No Color additives peeling off ! Yeah so don't be scare the color won't let your eyes feel awkward at all ! The color additives are wrapped by HEMA with their unique formula and manufacturing methods. No more leach out and you will feel comfortable as the color additives were using the special technique by Horien.

The contact lenses has smooth surface too, with the thermal process, the lenses have a flat surface and will not crack easily ! This make me like I cannot to wear seriously !

FOR THE HORIEN EYE SECRET COLOR LENSES TWINKLE STAR 1 TONE-DAILY are available in 2 shades : Black and Brown. Each Box contains 20 pieces/ for daily usage.

Horien Eye Secret  Multi-Purpose Solution 60ml

The Sodium hyaluronate lubricates lens perfectly for silicone hydrogel and soft contact lenses. It ensures the wearer feels comfortable with the complete maintenance system that keeps lenses clean and wet. It has strong humidifying agents of Sodium Hyaluronate in the Eye Secret Multi-Purpose Solution. It keeps the lens fully moisturize with natural tears formula. Helps to prevent eyes irritation and relieves from dryness.

Horien Full Frame Sunglasses
Horien gave me a retro square style sunglasses, I believe it helps to protect my eyes from the UV Sun-Damage. Well it really fits my face-shape. I love how this sunglasses were made with the combination of dark purple and black mixed together. The lenses of this sunglasses seems like having 2 colors in the front of red brown and the back is in purple blue shade. Decorated with purple free style shape and a diamond for the frame holder.

I hope this will help you guys to discover more about the Horien Eye Secret Product.
Visit their website for the details : http://www.eyesecret.com.my/#aboutus &
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HorienOpticMalaysia?ref=ts&fref=ts

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