#Product Review: De'Xandra For Her My current Favorite Perfume

Hello everybody !

So lately, Malaysia is in not in good weather - sometimes Hot sometimes Cold. Our body temperature changes could lead to the bad smell body odour. But we the ladies who wants to have a bad smell right ? Especially a lady like me, I meet a lot of people and sometimes need to meet a handsome guy lols. Haha.

I have one of this De'xandra perfume and currently my favourite at the moment, smell so great, refreshing and calming scents. De'xandra perfume was inspired by the international top brand ( Top perfume), TOP International perfume match and halal which can bring to salat times.

Don't worry this perfume is came from the original extract which was not came from the fake ingredients. De'Xandra perfume for her is an EDP type which can be long last up to 8 hours. If you are a traveller, I recommended you guys to put this perfumes in your pocket bag for the 35ml each bottle. The size is not too big or too small and I don't think this perfume bottle is burden for you. The packaging is simply beautiful and elegant. So I guessed this is really a Malaysian taste of small, cute, fresh and balmy scents of perfume.

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