#Product Review : Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in Shade 07 fuchsia perche fini

Last week, I struggled myself to redeemed the small new lip color from Bourjois Paris which I think I died starving just to bringing home this lip item.

Stepped my feet on the floor of the LUXASIA (M) SDN BHD which is available on working hours and weekdays ! So I took my time like I do not have time. Well Quite disappointed as I was  looking this beauty office like an hour. Horrible.  And then I met the receptionist and ticked out my name in the list and YES, she gave me a small black red ribbon Box which I able to see the TEST ME AQUA LAQUE on the red sticker. And I requested her to captured my photo in the office.

Once I received the box, I went out from the beauty office, and passed through the bridge connected two buildings of Mid Valley and the Pent House. I managed to capture the Aqua Laque on the bridge. Haha but with no people, yeah I know the workers there look at me like What the hell she is doing here !

Once I opened the package, I am absolutely screamed like hell but none can hear me ! The Aqua Laque is in damned beautiful red ever ! Fuchsia but in pink red ! Yeah I am loving the shade as I am good looking in RED.

Here is the Lip Aqua I redeemed from Bourjois Paris. Can you see how dare the color is ?

Well me taking my own photo in the toilet provided by The Garden. Tried out the new Aqua Laque in Shade 07.

What I think ?
The liquid is quite watery, once I applied on my lip, the shade of the color has brutal pigmentation, thick and I totally disagree it is Long-lasting. Some said that I don't have to apply lip liner once I apply this lip aqua, I couldn't imagine it as I dislike to wear Lip Liner. It contains Nymphae extract- the benefits are to smooth and moisturize your lip. It's mirror-like shine, you can see your face reflect guys ! Haha ! Non-sticky ? I do not think so, the liquid is on my teeth and I hate that ! Yeah I have to admit that it creates a water-light sensation and it has very intense color. With 10 hour hydration - I do not know about it because Once I applied I removed within 2 hours.

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Available in 8 shades. Pick one for yourself as I have one. I do not think this AQUA LAQUE for me but I do not know what about you guys. Some of my blogger friends Fall in LOVE with these Aqua Laque, I am hoping that I can FALL IN LOVE too but I just couldn't. Sorry Bourjois Paris !
Please don't hate me ! ;(

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