#Food Review : Tony Roma’s ‘Farmer’s Market’ Promotion discovered new culinary creations

TONY ROMA’S Legendary for RIBS, FAMOUS for so much MORE!


From 13th April 2015 – 31st May 2015 the promotion of new ‘Farmer’s Market’ with casual dining restaurant premier ribs, seafood and steaks globally recognized full service by Tony Roma in celebrating of the beauty fresh flavors.

Bringing a refreshing twist to your palate for patrons to enjoy a range of dishes from seasonal foods and produce from the farmer’s market experience created the quintessential by Tony Roma’s during the promotion.

The market Fresh Sampling were started by the variety of dishes and also the market fresh pairings.

From the top left with yellow liquid it is Romarita,
The right top is Strawberry Romarita,
the left bottom is Wild Berry romarita
and the last right left is Mango Romarita.

What inside the Romarita ? Tony Roma's has ultimate the tart and sweet pairing of orange juice, fresh lemon juice and lime sour mix, shaken with ice and served in a sugar-rimmed glass.

You can find strawberry, orange juice, fresh lime juice and shaken with ice in the Strawberry Romarita, perfect for strawberry lover's delight. Served in a sugar-rimmed glass with a strawberry garnish.

Mango romarita for an adventurous island mix of mango, orange juice, fresh lime juice and lime sour mix, shaken with ice. Served in a sugared glass with a fresh orange wedge.

And the last flavor absolutely my favorite ! The Wild Berry Romarita.. Tony Roma's has shaken all the ingredients with ice the simply amazing wild berry, orange juice, fresh lime juice and lime sour mix the glass dabbed in sugar.

All the drinks titled with ROMARITA the price is RM15.90.

Our first BBQ Shrimp Tacos came with pineapple salsa, cucumber and sweet black pepper BBQ Sauce, I do not think the taste for me but the men in the group escpecially my bf and feeq said they all love the black pepper taste. If you guys wanna try it is RM27.45 (RM27.45 inclusive GST)

The second menu from Market Fresh Sampling is Green Goddess Salad RM24.90 (RM26.39 inclusive with GST). Ah Absolutely my favorite so far, seriously I love vegetables since I start to eat well and in a diet plan. So You can get grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, green goddess dressing, cherry tomatoes, avocado, red radishes, edamame, sliced almonds, cucumbers and croutons.

The 3rd Menu from Tony Roma is Salmon with lemon pesto shrimp. Yes you can see rice, broccoli and lemon pesto butter on the white plate. Who can say no to Salmon. That's my fav seriously ! It is more than RM50 You know.. The actual price is RM55.90 ( RM59.25 inclusive GST )


The last Market Fresh Sampling is Fillet Medallions & Black Pepper beef ribs Combo* yea I'm truly loving the beef rib, LOVE LOVE and extra soft moist BEEF, Prepared with sweet black pepper BBQ sauce, BBQ onions, loaded mashed potato - YUMMY ! and broccoli ! The price is killing me but good quality who cared right. RM83.90 ( RM88.93 inclusive GST)

Dessert time ! Ice cream, cake and fruits. I guessed these are dessert trio. 3 delicious mini dessert to finish your meal in grand style. RM23.90(RM25.33 inclusive GST)

Love love me like you do..
Love love me like you do..
What are you waiting for....

Hurry up taste all the food and beverages in Tony Roma's available in Sunway Pyramid, eCurve, Pavillion KL, The Gardens, Setia City Mall, Citta Mall, Nu Sentral, Komtar JBCC and IOI City MALL.

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Twitter : https://twitter.com/tonyromas

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