#Food Review : Thai Temptations - Boat Noodle Introduces a Big Feast for the Lust

On the last 28 March 2015, I had a chance to forgive my lust to try all the Big feast in the Boat Noodle. A new additions to the family are added in Boat Noodles. More than 9 amazing foods are offered in the menu lists of Boat Noodle that are suitable for people of all ages every time and day.

The Boat noodle not only limited to just glass noodle but now Boat noodle offered for rice selection as well as the original Thai noodle. Boat noodle left a foot print marked in Empire Damansara has indeed got Malaysians buzzed with the Original Boat Noodle. Boat Noodle is a Thai Street-food staple originally hawked from small boats on the canals of Central Thailand.

The Boat Noodle beverages Corner

The Boat Noodle not so Boat with the concept of Thai Street Market and 
the tables and chair were made from wood.
If you have been to Bangkok and miss those street foods there, Boat Noodle is a right place for you. Tony said with the knick-knacks vintage, Thai street market façade are comprising signage in Thai portrayed in all Boat Noodle Outlets which enable diners to fully experience and explore Thailand's street market nostalgia locally.

From my view in Boat Noodles in Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur Level 2.

The available foods and beverages in a single menu lists,
easy right? you don't have to flipping around the pages.
No worries -There's a order guide for the newbie.
Our Foods and beverages were ready on the table. Time to fill in the empty stomach.

For the starter, I tried this Ka Num Tuay ( 1 set 2 pieces ) F05 code RM 1, same tasted like ( Kuih Talam dua muka- Two faces ) on the top might coconut milk with strong white colour on the bottom layer of green and I can feel the sweetness taste inside my mouth.

The Thai Salad Fruits are extra overloaded spicy ! The side dishes you can get from the Boat Noodle Menu, If you guys had ever tried SOTAM ( papaya ), this taste quite similar maybe because of the vinegar ingredients. Cherry Tomatoes, corns, guavas sliced and peanuts are the basic touch for the whole Thai salad fruits. Not recommended for those who has allergies with seafood and peanuts.
(F01 Code RM 6.90)

The main dishes in Boat Noodle offered only RM1.90 per bowl for N01&N02 code- Beef Thai Rice Noodle (pick between Pathumthani spicy and Ayutthaya non-spicy), N03&04 code- Chicken Thai Rice Noodle (pick between Pathumthani spicy and Ayutthaya non-spicy). When I was there I saw many foodies were appetizing their lust with these noodle bowls. I'm loving the taste of sweetness and sourness in each of noodle bowl.

Yum Mama - F10 Code RM8.90 Spicy, Slices of chicken sausages, crab stick and greenies on the top of the classic Thai instant smothered noodles. For spice and instant food lover, this one might the best for you to try.

Yum Woo Sen, another spicy dish for you guys to try F11 code RM13 each. Woon Sen or locally known as Vermicelli is set to give extra kick of flavours to the diners and it is a must try dish for seafood lovers to take spicy food !

Yum Meat ball F10 Code RM8.50, one more spicy dish just a simple yet heartening meatballs, A YUM way to go.

Kra-Pow Chicken Rice R02Code RM11.90. Kra Pow in Thai refers to Thai Basil Leaf. It is one of the common street food in Thailand that always win the heart of many. I tried for twice !

Thai's Popeye Tempura F06Code RM6.90. Soot Yot in Thai Simply means Awesome. Dip with a piquant "Soot-Yot,"a light snack which features fresh fried spinach that is cooked in crisp and coupled.

Bangkok Omelet with "Sood Yut" R01code RM11.90 - As the name implies, hunger pangs can have their tummy filled with this wholesome meal.

From left Refreshing Ice-Blended Coconut( still new not in list), Ice Blended Thai Tea B14Code RM8.90, Ice-blended Thai Coffee B16Code RM8.90, Ice-blended Thai Green Tea B15Code RM8.90.

Boat noodle has expanded the beverages list too. Creamy Ice-blended Green Tea and refreshing ice-blended coconut were added into the family.

Tony Lim, the Executive Director Of Boat Noodle said that they are proud to introduce this new range of offerings and the believe these are just what dinners need to satiate their taste buds regardless day or night, snack or a heavy meal. Through constant research and innovation Boat Noodle strives to deliver a wider selection of flavours over the past of 13 months.

With a group of bloggers from the Malaysian-wide enjoyed photo-taking and most of us absolutely the food lovers. All of us willing to try the new tastes of foods and beverages.

Me with one of the big boss in Boat Noodle, sorry guys he is taken already ! ;)

Me with the gorgeous ladies and Alvin.
Info from Boat Nooodle : Up-to-date, Boat Noodle has nine outlets in Malaysia, which are strategically located at Empire Damansara, The School at Jaya One, Ikon Cheras, Berjaya Times Square, Publika, Sutera Mall at Johor Bahru, Gamuda Walk at Kota Kemuning, Klang Parade and D'Pulze Cyberjaya.
For details of Boat Noodle, visit their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/meesampan. Become a fan to get their latest updates !
See you guys again on my next post ! Kisses ! ;)

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