Event : Raku offers localised music and radio streaming experience.

On the last April 17 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, all Malaysian are welcome to enjoy free RAKU and access millions of international and Malaysia's best songs, podcast, and localized content such as comedy, news, sports and traffic updates anytime,anywhere. For the local and music radio lovers now can enjoy Malaysia's very own radio and music streaming service on their smartphones, tablets and PCs on Raku. Raku is avaialble in two versions; FREE and PREMIUM.

I know everyone loves music but most of us want everything for free and unlimited access right ? Why not we all try to install the RAKU which is available in Android and IOS.

Quotes from from TOP Artistes about RAKU.
  • Dato David Arumugam, Alleycats said finally a music app for the Malaysian Music Industry !
  • John O from the Paperplane pursuit said they are looking forward to using the app to introduce their fans to some of their favorite local acts.
  • "Raku app will be a good platform for local musician's out there," said Bunkface.

More than 20 live radio stations, podcast and millions of songs, videos now can be stream by Malaysians. They can tune into their favorite bands, celebrities's playlist, radio station or listen to homegrown artistes. They can listen to Yuna and at the same time they can know what Yuna listens too ! The app will feature local community updates such as news, traffic and sports. Available in BM, English, Mandarin and Tamil for localised interface for RAKU sports.

Malaysians who interested to enjoy more functionalists can suscribe to RAKU premium. RAKU Premium comes with innovative features such as unlimited access to millions of tracks from a vast music catalogue, radio-on demand, customized playlists and other bespoke add-ons such as being able to download music to their device for listening when offline.

Premium access let the consumers create their own radio station, playlists and share personalized playlist with their friends on social media.

RAKU premium is available at RM14.90 per month at raku.my and on Android as well as at USD5.99 on the Apple App Store.

Noh Salleh, Tres Empre, Bittersweet, Enterprise, Man Bai, Alleycats, Dasha Logan and many more including indie bands like Paper Plane Pursuits, Pop Shuvit and Bunkface are the local artist who already have a playlist on RAKU.

Ean, Jin and RD(Hitz fm), Haniff and Hani(ERA FM) and Aanantha(THR Raaga) are the local DJs with playlists on the radio streaming service.

RAKU is designed for Malaysian listeners as it allows users to select their preferred language interface, mix of music, create and customize their own personalized radio station as the Henry Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Astro said.

RAKU also welcomed DIGI as its first premier advertising partner because DIGI always strive to provide their customers with a wide range of exciting services that cater to their different needs and lifestyles as mentioned by Praveen Raj.

RAKU can be downloaded via the web at raku.my while the RAKU app can be found at the iTUNES store and Google Play.

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