#Event : Alfio Raldo New Collection for Hari Raya - released

Alfio Raldo, The Weld Kuala Lumpur on March 26 is officially launched their EVE as known as Hari Raya Collection for the Malaysian ladies and gentlemen. For the fashion enthusiasts, Alfio Raldo might the one of the right brand for you guys. Since the first day the brand launched, Alfio Raldo has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts especially me. Not because of the brand, Alfio Raldo has a collection that meets with the latest fashion tastes. The combination of classic, elegant and stylized has became a hot topic for the fashionable collection. Luxury and classic colours were blended with elegant and stylish concept.

From formal occasions to casual events, with the elegant and so flamboyant are added with the attractive and bold colours in the latest collection of Alfio Raldo.

Madam Leny said all the latest collection are available before the Hari Raya day. She also said that all the bloggers who came on that day were exclusively received the Alfio Raldo Collection to try on and be "fashionista."

Wedges, high heels, sandals, sneakers and loafers are the shoes latest fashion now are famous among us he ladies. With a full swing style step with the latest collection will make us feel really comfortable and confident to go anywhere and anytime. The Alfio Raldo collection of shoes will be great with the combination of their handbag, tote bag and handheld.

Mr Jordan Ling as a Managing Director for the brand Alfio Raldo said that all the collection are stylish and suitable to wear all daily activities and everyone will impress with the luxurious and charming style.

One of the blogger, Syafiera Yamin wore a marble feminine watch in pink colour and she was absolutely fall in love with it. The marble watch was suitable for her personalities and character.

The beautiful ladies, Syafiera Yamin and Aliza Sara presented the Alfio Raldo high quality rubber watches in many colours to choose from red, blue, yellow, white and many more.

The latest collection Alfio Raldo, hand bags and shoes were attracted the ladies to try on all of them. Comfortable high heel will make every wearer of the collection looks confident and beautiful all the times.
Various type of watches can be choose for anyone who wants to match their personalities and fashion.


Alfio Raldo also provide the exclusives watches and sunglasses to those who loves to look more stylish and versatile. Suits all ages and fashion enthusiasts. Beautifully worn and styled with the charming collection of handbags and shoes. You will feel appreciated with the sunglasses and watches collection carefully crafted with the elegant style. Alfio Raldo product quality indisputable because it not only refines the stitching is perfect with the high quality leather. Any good produced will be tested until it meets the quality required by Alfio Raldo brand.

Flat shoes and high heels are available for those who are seeks for comfortable and beautiful fit or their feet.

The handbags and tote bag with the classic modern style are suitable for those who wants to look glamour and fashionable ladies.
Wearer can gain confidence with the combination of green, red, yellow and blue in the Alfio Raldo latest collection. Cheerful colours  like a rainbow will hit the scintillating fashion in the year of 2015.
The quality and flavour blends high fashion according to the latest fashion circulation will never make the Alfio Raldo brand feels regret with it.
Alfio Raldo brand has become a must a must for everyone who enjoys shopping for essentials shoes and handbags. Without Alfio Raldo your style would definitely not complete.
Now, fashion lovers are attracted with the magnet by Alfio Raldo which is the brand are comparable with the other famous brands. Alfio Raldo department store are available in Parkson Grand, Isetan and Metrojaya.
For more details, do visit http://www.alfioraldo.com.my/

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