"SEMARAK BANGSAWAN" comes with an artistic and Fresh Noble Theater

The cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the Arts (JKKN) and Kuala Lumpur City Hall
( DBKL) has brighten up the  Nobility Series 2015 lively. Since 2007 the "Semarak Bangsawan" of 36 groups and 64 script of the nobleman who was popular with it now is back for 2015 with more fresh young artistes and much merrier than before.

2015 has began with an aristocratic theater directed by "Putera Raja" and were playing by the simply superb and popular caster. "RAJA KU PUTEH"  was scripted and played on the stage on 10-12 April 2015 as an opening for the glory of the Nobility Series. With the modern features and humor into it has made the stage as the best performances among the best.


Geliga Merah Opera

The Bloggers and the "Raja Ku Puteh"  theater actors and actresses 

Other than use of sound and light effects, the stage has been decorated with the real combination of the props to make this show more tangible and realistic. The main agenda is to make the spectators appreciate with the situation highlighted . During the theater performances of "Raja Ku Puteh" all the audiences were enjoying and laughing for every scenes aired.

From the great scripted we all can feel the luxuriated. The price of the tickets is the main point for us to come. The theater tickets is only for RM 10 ( Regular ) and RM50 ( PREMIER ). What an affordable prices for everyone to come and enjoy the theater scenes.

More attractive performances were promised during the glory of Nobility Series in 2015 until the last of December 2015. There are 6 more series such as "Awang Kudis Buta ( 8-10May 2015)," Kota Lukut(12-14June 2015)," Nila Kesuma(14-16August2015)," "Akan Dikemukakan(9-11October2015)," "Sumpahan Nujum Perawan(16-15November2015)," "Dewa Satria Lestari(11-13December2015)," for you to watch the theatrical performances and do not miss all the opportunities !

For those who are interested to get the tickets and details about the available theaters along the "Siri Semarak bangsawan" are welcome to visit their website and facebook of JKKN.

Tel : 03-2614 8200 / 8262 / 8378 / 8210 / 8293 / 8206 / 8317

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