#Service Review : #SELFIEGRAM - Ecoparadise hot bed Theraphy can helps to cure your imsonia.

#Service Review : #Selfiegram Moment with Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hot Bed Therapy 
Most holistic anti-ageing treatment

Hello everyone!

Nowadays, we women are facing a lot of things happen in this world. Sometime we didn't realize because of these matters bring out the stress and hyper tension which lead to disaster on the skin and the whole body. Other than that, through our nutrition, most of us don’t get the great supply for the whole body. I can see so many pimples, acne, white head and black head on my face, maybe my body containing high level of toxins.

Basically, Ecoparadise is providing an enzyme originates from a remote mountainous region in Hokkaido, Japan. By using the propriety technology, Ecoparadise infuses the special enzyme into everyday materials like glass, plastics and ceramics. Ecoparadise uses building mate infused with the enzyme to build the special Ecoparadise saunas which has already built the Ecoparadise Anti-oxidant Hot Bed Therapy which helps to improve overall health and well being through use of antioxidant enrich air and heat shock therapy. Check out more Ecoparadise details: www.ecoparadise.my

Last Saturday I went to a place that can heal, treat and remove the dangerous toxins from my body. So the place titled as Eco Paradise which you can feel like you are in the heaven of healing and health. There are several rooms can fit 2/4 persons in a room. There was no a comfortable bed like we lay in our home. We will lie on the floor with the brown and wood color tiles. The floor is really hot and the room temperature is around 43 degree.

Once I arrived there, I was requested to change my clothes with the provided blue yukata. I removed my makeup and went to a room called by a flower named. And then I started to lie on the floor and made myself comfortable with the heat. My pores started to open due to the heat, I started to sweats, I came out from the room several times and I drank more than 2 cups of cold water provided in a blue mugs.

After 45 minutes, the beautician asked me to chill down myself in the provided area and served me with a small cup of fruit enzymes. Well the enzymes wasn’t taste good at all but I managed to drink 2 cups of it, which is for Marc but doesn’t mind, he asked me to take his cup too.


After the sweats from my body dried, then I took my shower with the bathroom provided, they provided a multipurpose soybean wasted to clean my hair, body even can be use for my teeth but I didn't do it.

Who should experience the ANTI-OXINDANT Hotbed Therapy?

1. For those who are experiencing various aches and pains.
2. Constantly feeling stressed and tired.
3. Ageing left its toll on your face.
4. Suffering from a chronic skin problem that just can’t be cured.

If all of the above you answered YES! You might in indication of free radical damage. If you don’t treat yourself, the free radical damage could lead to more serious health issues! But don’t fear with it! The solutions are provided by the eco paradise by simply to take the anti-oxidants! Eco Paradise providing the service with an antioxidant boost in a calm and soothing environment. Simple things to do by just lie down on the heated temperature room and you will come out feeling fantastic!
If me, I came out from the room feeling fresh and when I arrived to my home, I fall asleep and then woke with an extra feeling fresh! My skin is smoother than before and a bit reddish like a tomato soup! Haha !


Standard Package
For Introductory package with 3 sessions valid within 2 weeks are RM70.
For bridging package with 10 sessions within 2 months are RM210
(For new customers and individuals use & for one-time purchase only)

Sharing Package
For 4 sessions valid within 1 month is RM190.
For 10 sessions valid within 2 months are RM380.
For 30 sessions valid within 6 months are RM900.
For 80 sessions valid within 12 months are RM1920.

(Terms and condition apply)

Eco Paradise is available in The Gardens Mall, Jaya One, Fraser Business Park and SS15 Subang Jaya.

Visit for detail :

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