#Product Review : Vitamin C Shaklee - Could it Whiten your skin ?

Hello everybody, so my today's entry about the women healthcare.

Trust me I am one of the women who are obsessed with so "putih" skin or maybe white as a corpse. But I wouldn't dare to inject my skin yet with the service injection sellers like "hot banana" in facebook.

Why ? Why ?
Kak Farah Wahida the Shaklee's Master told us that some people asked her - Why Shaklee's Vitamin C don't have 1000mg like the other brands. With Kak Farah's smiled face, she answered, "Don't have, beautiful sister."

She added on that Vitamin C 100mg is super great and powerful. She understood that every women want a beautiful, fair and glowing skin. And most of us dare to swallow the 1000mg without feel any guilt at all.

And then, Kak Farah's reminded us the Vitamin C characteristics. The Soluble Vitamin. When we eat Vitamins, our body will absorb what was needed at the time.

What about the balance ? The balance will be waste/flush out through the urine.
Eg : Let's say we bought a vitamin C 1000mg RM1. 10 cent will be absorb in the body, meanwhile the other 90cent will flush out in the urine. WOW ! She said the urine is super expensive. And I wonder if we can use the urine back, do you prefer for it ? Nah not for me.

Why does the Shaklee providing us the Vitamin C 500mg?
Vitamin C benefits that cannot be match with other Vitamin C is sustained by their abilities that Science's called : SUSTAINED RELEASED. What are the benefits of this system ?

With this system, only 100mg will be released from the tablet every hour. The layers of the Vitamin C will be cleave and release. That's mean 1 tablet provided 100mg for 5 hours.

Let's say that we want to be beautiful with Vitamin C or maybe we take it in poor health. We can take 2 tablets every 5 hours. 200mg of the Vitamin C will be release in our body for 5 hours.

Re-think again is it a wise decision ? Make sure that our urine does not enriched with the waste of Vitamin C. Therefore, she suggested us to make a wise decision. Make sure the value for each of your money.

How much of each tablet Shaklee Vitamin C?
Trust me it is less than RM1 in a bottle of 180 tablets.

And the most special one, Shaklee vitamin C is not derived from oranges, but from the corn extract. Therefore it is suitable for all and don't worry abou
t the gastritis.

With special added with BIOFLAVONOID to make the Vitamin C absorption more efficient.

Do contact me if you are interested with this Vitamin C. 013-2347502 Syafiera

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