#Product Review : Let's DETOX your intestines with CMD : Revell Concentrate Mineral Drop

CMD Concentrate Mineral Drop

Hello everyone, recently I was having a very bad day with stomach (ache+distended) caused by the toxic in my intestines. Luckily Sis Yana introduced me to a small bottle of Revell CMD.

I heard that CMD works to remove the toxins inside your body, help to increase the stamina and fight disease, it capable to heal the high blood pressure, reduce the cholesterol in blood, diabetic-control, heal the Gout problems furthermore it works for everyone wish to control the weight gain like me.

I already consumed for more than a week. Okay you won't believe me after I poured several drops of CMD in a glass of mineral water. My body started to reacted with it. Every several hours, I will go to restroom and apparently my stomach removes the waste from my body through the faeces. My whole body feels so much lighter than before.


Did you know that Minerals are important for Body system ?
If your body receive enough minerals- they can help you to improve the health and endurance to the disease risks. But in the modern life nowadays our lifestyle is changing and many of us don't have the need of minerals in the body to increase the resistance to disease. Well as you can see, some of us around 20-30 years old are facing various of serious diseases. Don't you guys feel like to increase the level of health in easy way, money-saving than buy many type of beyond our budget of supplements?


The CMD Water crystal-look on my skin.

They claimed that CMD works as All-IN-ONE, I've seen so many testimonials in the site with CMD, there are some people drop the CMD in their eyes to reduce the eyes problem - but I haven't try it yet because I don't dare to do so, haha.

How does the CMD tastes?
At first, I poured around 10 drops in a glass of water (about 100ml), trust me I dislike the taste because I feel like I drink a salted Water, it doesn't taste like salty but do you guys know the ZamZam water ? yeah It tastes like that ! And then I helped myself to reduce the drops into 5. Okay that was fine ! Later in the morning, seems like my intestines started to kick out all the food and other stuffs were trapped in them. Well yeah ! Because I love the result - I keep continuing to have 10 drops in each day started from a week ago until now.

CMD Revell Producing Alkaline Water ?
They claimed that CMD is proved in producing alkaline water ( good for body ) The pH is currently around 7.5-8.5.


The CMD Revell bottle review

Did you know that our body system are rely on the mineral ions and mineral trace?
Dr. George W Crane, Ph.D,M.D concluded that the Leak of minerals in body could lead to diseases some of us are facing now. Eg ; Stroke, migraine, asthma, anemia, stress and pimples problem.

Where we can get the Minerals source?
We can get the minerals source in our daily balance nutrients, eg; from vegetables, fruits, cereals and many more. Most of the minerals came from earths. So soil is the best mineral source.

What kind of minerals you can get in CMD ?
CMD contains almost 76 minerals and trace minerals consists of :

8 types of macro minerals : 
Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Fluoride, Sodium, Selenium and Iodine.

68 types of Micro minerals : 
Phosphorus, Sulphate, Cesium, Hafnium, Neodymium, Nickel, Vanadium, Potassium, Silicon, Strontium, Bismuth, Lutetium, Erbium, Manganese, Gold, Silver, Terbium, Aluminum, Holmium, Chromium, Latharium, Gallium, Titanium, Tellurium, Nitrogen, Copper, Gadolinium, Europium, Selenium, Semarlum, Molybdenum, Praseodymium, Lithium, Carbonate, Yoterbium and others.


So here is my recipe for you guys to try on :
Celery, raisins, few drops of CMD, I mixed up with other daily supplements, habastus seeds, and a cup of water. Then, I blend all of them and enjoy chill !

Why DO you need the CMD Revell ?
If me ? I would like to reduce my weight and help to heal my diabetic problem. They claimed that CMD are good to strengthen the teeth and bones development, fast recovery for mouth ulcers, reduce the cigarettes addicted, helps to control the appetite, remove the toxin in the body and many more.

Who needs CMD Revell ?
Yeah for those who wants to have a beautiful healthy lifestyle and weight loss like me.


How to get this ?
Check the website here : CMD Revell

And you can buy direct from Ronasutra Yana

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