#Event, #Product Review : Dettol- 12 Hours Protection and freshness that Really LASTS ( APPROVED )

Experience 12- hours Protection and Longer Lasting Freshness 
with the newly-proved Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash Range


Introducing the new improved Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash Range 
are available with 4 variants and 12H Odour Protection !

Dettol Lasting Fresh Body Wash (NEW!)(Green)
The new Dettol Lasting Fresh Body Wash is enriched with the cucumber extract, the long-lasting fresh technology with unique and amazing scents will leaves you the freshness feeling every time after your shower with it. (TRIED and I APPROVED for the scents !)

Dettol Cool Body Wash(Blue)
Leaving you with a refreshingly cool tingle sensation after each shower with cool and crisp menthol will revives your senses.

Dettol Fresh Body Wash(Yellow)
With the citrus scents will leave you the fresh feeling.

Dettol Re-energize Body Shower(Orange)
Keep yourself and your family re-energized after each shower with the zesty mandarin scents.

Affordable Prices for everyone to have Healthy and Germ-FREE skin !

Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash is available :
250ml : RM6.90
500ml : RM11.90
950ml : RM17.90
900ml( Refill ) : RM 15.25

Available in all retail stores nationwide and suitable for all skin types and genre.

About Dettol
Since 1932 the antiseptic brand, Dettol has been a trusted brand, trusted champion of family health and the world's leading brand. With the high standard Dettol has offered the GERM FREE product, the Healthcare professionals recommending us to keep families healthy with them as the prove of the ability Dettol Antiseptics. Dettol is serious to help the mankind 100% GERM-free to prevent infection diseases through the shower gels, bar soaps, hand sanitizers, liquid hand washes and anti-bacterial wipes.

Most of the mothers are giving 100% TRUST to DETTOL to keep their kids 100% protection from GERMS and Bacterias - Kills 99.9% of germs.


The ZUMBA Opening Perfomances

On the last Tuesday, March 17 2015 - Hosted by the beautiful lady, Jay Menon. Dettol has launched their newly improved formulated product that can really lasts the Freshness and Protection up to 12 Hours at Capri by Fraser, Bangsar South. The new cucumber extract is unveiled on the day as a new variant. Dr. Steven Chow, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, celebrity Mum Nana Mahazan and RB'S corporate partners were there during the media launched.

I, as a consumer and I believe the importance of good personal hygiene could lead us to provide the best protection against germs and bacterias. The new launched  reiterates Dettol's understading the consumer's need. The new range comes in a brand-NEW transparent PET bottles packaging carries a premium quality look and eye-catching look to it. Newly-improved formulation can prevent you from odor-causing germs up to 12 hours with the latest new variant as a Dettol's signature anti-bacterial properties. Trusted by many generations such as my mom, families including myself. 


Introducing Mr Rakesh Kumar Singh,
Marketing Manager of Dettol, RB Malaysia and Singapore

Mr Rakesh stated that since 1932, Dettol has protect their consumers health in trusted leader of disinfection and hygiene products at the forefront with the better solutions in new product innovations will launching regularly as a big commitment by them. Conceptualized and tested among the Malaysian consumers had made them proud with the launched of the new Dettol Lasting Fresh Variants and now had been launched across the globe. In the market survey revealed 83% of consumers love the product. Now Malaysian can enjoy protection and freshness that lasts up to 12 hours with Dettol Lasting Fresh Body wash.


Introducing, the host Jay Menon (left), Nana Mahazan(Celebrity's mom in the middle)
and right(Dr. Steven Chow, Senior consultants Dermatologist)

Many Malaysians are having the common issues such as perspiring and body odour problems and people think that perspiration (or sweat) is actually odourless, Dr Steven Chow spoke. He added that perspiration stays on the skin's surface and interacts with bacteria on the body, the bacteria breaks down the perspiration into fatty acids and the unpleasant odour produced. he advised to fight the germs and prevent body odours with anti-bacterial body washes can be a BIG HELP !

A host and a mother-of-two, Ms Nana Mahazan said that she loves to have outdoor activities with her kids. She wants to encourage her kids to go out and explore the world rather than just sitting at home and playing games on gadgets. To ensure her kids protection, she trust the Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash to fight the GERMS and Bacterias. No more worries with the bad disease. She said she totally in love with the new Dettol lasting fresh body wash in Cucumber scent - she felt like just stepped out of a spa.

Introducing Khai One of the blogger from www.budakpacak.com

Khai also said that he just in love the Dettol lasting fresh body wash new scent of cucumber and he said that the packaging is unique, colorful bottles and smell great ! I think the same too, with the cute PET bottle and have many sizes such as travel size, medium and large sizes can bring anywhere and anytime.

The left lady is Ms Norfa, she loves the new variant of Dettol lasting fresh body wash and she just couldn't wait to try it on her body and see the results !

With 100% Protection from germs- No wonder that Dettol is a trusted brand among mothers to keep her family member protected all day long !

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