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Recently, L'oreal Paris has celebrated their 30th Anniversary of Color Riche in Flora Terrace @Hampshire Place in March 16, 2015. All walks of life by honoring Malaysian women of worth was represented by the celebrities of Nana Mahazan, Nurita Harith and Tracy Cheong.

I described a woman of worth who can take care of our self, we creating value of life and other people's live, and whatever we women do - some people can appreciate us and honor whatever we do and all that who we are.


L'oreal introducing to us all the 22 shades of COLOR RICHE.

With the theme of white - L'oreal 30th Anniversary, they have shown us almost 22 shades because there is a color for all the women. From various shades of pink, mauve, fuchsia, red, coral, and beige tones, every single of color riche would give your lip a big hug with vivid color and a blend of plant-based oil to nourishes the lip. A lipstick is an extension of woman, it might be a signature, a kiss, an embrace to show of every women personalities through the shades we are apply on lip - in terms of celebrating one's uniqueness - the best way is to have lipstick to suits one of us personality and attitude.

Color Riche with 22 shades on a booth for us the women guests to try on our LIP.

The L'Oreal Props to honoring us as a woman of worth.

Darren Ho, General Manager of L'oreal Consumer Products Division said that Nana, Nurita and Tracy perfectly embody the essence of L'oreal Paris. Beauty, Brains and individuality are the perfect combination of them for each everyone has. With the represented of Nana, Nurita and Tracy could lead the empower Malaysian women to embrace their individual beauty, to go further in life and to achieve their true potential.

We women might not realize it that all of us out own women of worth that plays a huge role model in every single days in our lives. It may be our sister, mother, cousin or even childhood friend. A true WOMEN of worth has a great support system in a best friend who stands by her side no matter what and this relationship is cherished for a lifetime.

As an honored women of worth at the event, Nana brought along her best friend, Ira who is currently a host and mother, while Nurita had her aunt, Wan Rozeini with her, and Tracy was accompanied by Karena Teo, a fellow model and actress.

They spoke to us about their relationships with the women of worth in their lives. Tracy Said that she and Karena were very close- she admire her ability to juggle so many things in life without even breaking a sweat and she amazed with Karena how she handles herself to look so beautiful after a long day.

Nurita said her aunt is like a mother to her - she said that her aunt is a loving, patient and always puts her closed one first, and she respected her for what her aunt does for her family including herself.

Nana and Ira are both mothers, for them there are nothing in the world that they don't share and talk about. Nana said she and Ira are more than the great pals while complimenting Ira is a great sister that she wanted when she was growing up. Nana just couldn't stop smiling with Ira by her side.

With the world's most iconic lipstick - yes there is a color for all women. L'oreal has ended up the ceremony with the cake-cutting velvety chocolate cake filled on top of the Color Riche 22 shades.

For everyone who wants to be appreciated - L'oreal is having their (We are Worth it- Honouring you as a woman of worth) The link is here ---> http://weareworthit.lorealparis.com.my/wow/
L'oreal wants us to honour our self as a Woman of Worth.

What you need to do is put on your favorite red lipstick and join the women movement to win exclusive prizes, be rewarded with special promotions and be inspired by empowering STORIES. Who knows you will walk away with 10 exclusive 18-carat gold and black diamond bracelets from Bliss Rose X L'Oréal Paris. AND NOT TO FORGET TO VOTE ME !

What's more, L'OREAL also invites all Malaysian women to honour The Women of Worth in their lives. Just snap a photo of yourself and your woman of worth in their lives and not to forget to share your stories in L'Oreal Paris Malaysia's :

Instagram ( www.instagram.com/lorealparismy ) and hashtag #WOWLorealParis

What about me, I would like to fight my fear for my dream because the fear is a dark thing will let me feel sorrow and sad, so I will FIGHT IT and make my dream come true.

When conversation starts about of women who inspired me, actually there are more than one, one of them are my mother, my sisters and sometime a woman of strangers who came over through of me no matter everywhere or any time because everyone has their own stories and inspirations. But we do not know about it until we discover it by ourselves.

"When a woman feels empowered, she will never feel like a victim to anyone or anything."

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