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Ambition, Aspiration and Achievements by Dr Niki Shuhada Shukor

Sunday  8-3-2015

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Hope everyone in pink of health like everyone else does. Recently, our world just had celebrated the women day. Therefore, my pleasant to meet with a woman who is quite well-known in the media stream. So this might a bit different from the topic that I always post in my previous blog but this is so related with us especially with a materialistic babe like me. Let's say I went to a place that full with the smell of success and mission accomplished by an expertise woman in wealth management. I am very honored to be invited by her to her castle-residence located in Putra Mahkota Bangi.

Something that I want to remind to myself and for the ladies out there :

"Don't wait until everything is right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less-than-perfect conditions. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful." - Dr Niki Shuhada Shukor

Introducing to you guys : Dr Niki Shuhada Shukor.
An amazing successful woman as a role model for us to follow and rule our own world.

In the world of financial consultant in Malaysia, Dr Niki Shuhada Shukor as a well known woman with fortitude, intelligent, beautiful, ambitious and a woman who deserves a highly respected with love. She has became a mentor to many new consultants who want to excel in the field of financial consulting. She has trained more than 5,000 financial entrepreneurs privately and in a group of individuals corporate sector. Other than that - Dr. Niki Shuhada Shukor, PhD. She is a Shariah Registered Financial Planner , MFPC. A mentor in Entrepreneur and wealth.

Introducing : Us in the HaiBlogger Community and some of the successful people.

Dr. Niki Shuhada Shukor is also involved with training courses and professional corporate development. She is a very easy to make friend with, let's say a very likeable and really excellent in giving motivation to everyone who wants to be successful in the field of finance or other venture of any kind of fields.

Experience more than 18 years old in the financial industry, a lot of sales and leadership awards won by her. For example, she has became a TOP GAM for the highest aggregate amount and the supreme in leadership as a Master builder award added on she is also a brand ambassador. She rewarded the all-round excellence in the development of society in addition to premier club president.

Dr Niki Shuhada Shukor shared with us her story-life telling in 18 years ago.

The mother of 2 children, not only proficient in her field, but she is also a very loving mother and a wife who are very understanding. She has been married for 23 years with the Tuan Haji Amirul Shukri Kadir, both of them are the main key planner to their own success until now. The dream not only for both of them but also to society and the local community who wants to change the fate of their families. With the publication of Ambition, Aspiration and Achievement Book by Dr Niki has inspired us and people out there to become successful planner like her. Plus on, Dr Niki shared her life-experience in the radio through the Bijak Wang program in Radio 93.9FM.

Introducing : Dr Niki's the successful subordinates
(From the youngest man to the eldest)

With the establishment of LSR ( Life Success Resources ), it can develops more interest for Dr Niki to conduct more seminars and training classes related to financial and motivation to strengthen the National human capital development.To bend a bamboo, start when it’s still a shoot or Start cultivating good values in a very early age added on with “Strike the iron while it’s hot.” All the idioms are similar with our thoughts and those are the reasons why Dr Niki believes teens and children should be expose to systematic management of money from the beginning.

Us - #HaiBlogger "The welfie-group photo" with the successful Ladies and gentlemen after the lunch. I will be the next.  (~_~) Pray for myself.

Dr Niki with her stories about Bijak Wang program, how to invest money added on how to be a good consultant plus on how to be a trust person to manage someone's property
 - Absolutely not my expertise, trust me. Maybe not my luck in financial field.
p/s : I do invest some of my money for the future.

I am Introducing to you guys a caliber young man with the biggest dream and heart - M.A Aniqi. 
One of the Dr. Niki's young talent. Trust me he is only 22 years old had gained 
more than 5 digits recently. Awesome babe !

Me introducing to you guys : The ladies consultant in wealth management. They have shared to us
about their life-story before and after joining the wealth courses by Dr Niki. The lady in purple scarf Madam Khaira's husband told us that he was pleasant to know her wife as a materialistic lady like me which has led them to achieve the biggest success to gain more money income every months. Meanwhile, the lady in turquoise scarf, Sis Shuhaida told us that she wanted to change her life before the marriage and she did ask her future-husband to quit the current job before to marry her - now she has gained more than 5 digits too and owned a luxury car.

Me again with Dr Niki and an awesome luxury car. Nice to see, right ? After I met her
then only I feel like I wanna have a luxury car and a big bungalow - but where to start with ?
So, let's invest your money and use the current money wisely.
I remember one of the consultant told us about we need the both of work hard and work smart to achieve the big dreams and success.

As I've been told in the meeting discussion, yeah I won't lie that financial field is not my expertise. But to earn some knowledge about the financial issue why not, right ? As you can see all the Malaysian have to face the Wawasan 2020 plus with the GST and more coming taxes which lead us to disaster for working hard. I heard about the retirement period plan to be extend until 62 years ! Oh yeah !

Dr Niki was the leader for CIMB Wealth Advisor or as known as consultant. One of the blogger did ask Dr Niki, what consultants do for the customers ? She answered they are responsible to manage your money, share a tip how to make money through the saving and how to expand the money to become more.

Surprisingly, many bumiputra in Malaysia have the difficulties to save their own money in the trust fund. I believe most of us are afraid being lie or not being educate and expose about the trust fund. Yeah, honestly I didn't educate myself about the benefits of it and what can it gives me in the future.

Exactly what is a trust fund, still lingerie in my mind. Google answered me :
A fund consisting of assets belonging to a trust, held by the trustees for the beneficiaries. I believe Naomie told us - "a trust fund is one of the way you invest money". Let's say you need to open an account, start with RM500, and then after you registered, every months you are require to save your money in trust fund account, either in auto debit RM200 per month or just directly with the consultant.

This procedure can be anytime or anywhere other than the counter desk. The chosen trusted consultant might willingly to entertain you outside of the office in both parties agreement, and then they will manage your money and automatically transfer to your trust fund account. Don't be afraid if your chosen consultant pass away, because your account will be handle with another consultant, maybe.
(As I've been told-I don't even know about it)

You can check your account transfer fund statement every month via email. I heard they offered dividend around 10%-20%. I don't know if I can believe about it. Haha. The things are still not come out through my mind yet.

Dr Niki did reminding us Money is an expression where we should have a good relation with it. She added on " There is no failure, there is only lesson." Another tip she has shared to us the concept to keep the money, start to pull the money everyday and nothing is impossible. Everything started on from ourselves whether we want to become success of failure.

Does anyone interested to become the search of "Pemimpin Abadi?" by Dr Niki. So you need to start it right now ! If you are interested to become the Wealth Advisory Consultant, there are conditions you need to follow : you must age 21 and above, Credit in mathematics, English and bahasa from the SPM certificate and far away from the bankruptcy. Pay only RM288 for the license as I've been told.

Many seminars and Motivational programs will be organize in the future for the beginning of the 2015. Due to the miserable economy, Dr Niki expertise is needed to provide us knowledge and skills how to manage and share the efficient financial tip in addition to learn how to be successful in the financial consulting field. Details will come out soon.

 Further information can log on to
Dr Niki Shuhada Shukor's Facebook.
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