Dutch Lady Smart Steps Workshop

Dutch Lady Smart Steps Workshop

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Smart Steps: Uncover the Power Of Nutrition to your Child’s Development.
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Hello existence parents and parents –to-be
On the last January 24th 2015 - my husband, my son and I went to a Dutch Lady Smart Steps Workshop.

There were a group of parents and their kids attended the workshop discussion with the panel experts. We were discussed about the co-relation between nutrition and cognitive development, the importance of tailored nutrition for different smart milestone and Parent’s role in helping their kids to develop better.

One of the most wonderful things about being a father/mother is to watch children grow and see them achieve every milestone along their developmental path.

An important part of early childhood growth is cognitive development, or mental development.
Basically, what I know cognitive or mental development is refer to terms of information processing, language learning, perceptual skill conceptual resources and other aspects of brain development or as a common thing every parents should know it is the emergence of the ability to think and understand.

What’s happening during the workshop?

The host during the workshop : Nana AF

Introducing : The Panel of the experts
From Right : Proffesor Dr. Poh Bee Koon, Dr. Yong Junina Fadzil and Dr. Alvin Ng

SEANUTS Study 2009-2011 : Nutrition & Cognitive.
The co-relation between the measurement of anthropometric and cognitive ability/development.  There are 6746 children in school around 6-12 years with randomize calculation. There are four main countries in southeast asia between Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam in the SEANUTS evaluation.
The demography subjected to the composition of the household, maternal education and Income sources.
The definition of cognitive development
Refers to the way the children process information around, gather through their senses to understand and learn about their world.
The definition of mental development
Refers to the same thing called earlier, but it is known among the public on the advice by professionals  health care and child development in various aspects of developments.
The definition of brain development
Refers to the physical growth of the brain, in which nutrition plays a vital role in the foundation of a healthy mental development for children.

Children love to play with colorful objects and have a lot of shapes

The important fact for parents
Nutrition is one of the important factors for cognitive performance or level of intelligence ( IQ ) Children.
Intelligence of children or healthy mental development requires attention from a nutritional perspective as one aspect to support their brain development.
Another factor that affects cognitive development including a stimulating environment and caregivers who often interact with children.

Importance of nutrition
Nutrition is an important factor that affect the growth to continue and development to occurs during childhood.
Essential nutrients are needed for smart and healthy brain development.
The combination of different nutrients are needed at various stages of mental development process.

Effects of malnutrition on mental development
The imbalance of nutrients will stunt the physical growth, it will slower and weaken the immune system. The conclusion, Children who suffer from the lack of good nutrients in the early stages will have life-long health problems.

The Holistic Development
There are some aspects of child development; eg : Mental, Physical, Emotional and Social.
Parents should give a lot of attention on ther chidlren’s Holistic development.
Mental development is often associated with Physical Development.

Understand the importance of mental development
You need to understand the performance of your children’s development to make sure that your child is on the right track.
There were so many cases reported with the child’s learning problem, in which early intervention can be done by parents to help the child escape from the problem.
As a parent, we need to watch our children’s development especially in their physical, mental, emotional and social development – we need to monitor those equally to ensure the comprehensive development for children.

Always keep an eye on your child for their mental and physical development

Mommies should prepare healthy balance meals for their children to promote the
mental/physical development.

How to keep Your Child Become more intelligent?
As a mother, I do not think every mother want their kids become lazy or stupid, all mothers want their children become intelligent, smart and can solve problems.
Children learn actively when they were born. Cognitive or mental, they collect, compile and process the information from its surroundings, they will use the information to see, understand and learn about the world.
In other words, children will learn, acquire intelligence and mental agility when they grow.

Mental Development Stage


-Vision becomes more clear and able to walk freely
-Increasing of curiosity and encourages learning more about the world.
-Children want to know how something works
-Can mimic the action of others
-Can find hidden objects

-Motor skills become stronger with the addition of more advanced language.
-Explore the world that has never been done with the learning skill.
-Ask more questions and have better skills
-Solve a simple puzzle
-Identify and designate the same objects
-Able to blend and match objects and shapes

-Have a natural tendency to daydream, experiment and explore the physical environment
-Show Creativity and flexibility to solve a common issue with self suitability
-Able to train their memory to associate the information they learned
-Give closure to the story to make it unusual
-Build an object based on simple steps
-Dream a new games and imaginative

How to assess the mental development of the child ?
-Pediatric use mental development scale Griffith (Griffith Mental Development Scales) to assess the strengths and weaknesses in child development.
-Speech abilities, understanding, proficiency, hand-eye coordination, and practical reasoning. This can be helpful in determining whether a child is need of early intervention or treatment program.

Supportive Parents Lead the Aspects of Children Mental Development
-Love the children
-Provide Guidance and Tutoring
-Give proper games or toys based on age
-Give your child opportunity to practice motor and coordination skills

Role of nutrition in mental development of the Child
-Imagine road in highway is your child’s brain
-Important Nutrient is the building materials (ensure smooth roads without holes)
-Stimulus Activity is the traffic light (to make sure all the information gathers smoothly)

Proper Nutrients + Boost Stimulation from Parents
Curiosity, Exploring, Creativity & Learning

How to stimulate your children’s brain?
Colorful toys for mental development during the early stages of childhood - Parents need to help their children’s to develop their brain intellectually in long term. Growth and other development aspects can lead the children become more versatile in the future.
Example: Method of eloquent behavior (Building Fluency) or Speed smart Training.

Nutrients that support mental development
1.       For the vision development the Inosital,Taurine and Vitamin A are the basic.
·         Inositalis a must to protect the eye lens,  Inositalis available in fruits, beans, grains and nuts.
·         Taurinealso helps to prevent tissue from oxidative damage and improve lipid metabolism and insulin resistance where you can get in the best food sources are from meat and fish.
·         Vitamin Ahelps to regulate immune function to reduce morbidity of infectious diseases where you can find in apricots, mangos and carrots.

2.      For the Immunity development the zinchelps to essential for the integrity of the immune system. Zinc can be found in Beef and lamb more than the fish. The dark meat of a chicken has more zinc than the light meat.

3.       The Choline, Tyrosine and Vitamin D are needed for the Creativity Development.
·         In pastured egg, beef liver, grass-fed raw dairy, soaked nuts and legumes, cruciferous veggies are containing the Choline to forming nerve to nerve connection in the memory area of the brain.
·         Tyrosinecan be found in dairy product, meats, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, oats ad wheat to strongly associate to the alertness of the brain.
·         Beneficial to the function of smooth muscle and support bone needing a lot of Vitamin D that can be found in the sun exposure, food and supplement is biologically inert and must undergo two hydroxylations in the body for activation.

4.       Magnesiumhelps to maintain plasticity of synapses that is strongly linked to memory. Regulating energy availability in brain. Dietary sources of magnesium include legumes, whole grains and vegetables. Magnesium is needed to develop the memory and learning.

Milk as a food source for a variety of nutrients
Milk contains many nutrients, micro nutrients and calcium needed for the children. It depends on your lifestyle and daily nutrient intake from diet, parents can choose for their children either full cream milk or low-fat milk.

Cognitive Development
We as parents need to take the opportunity to stimulate our children brains in order to improve their future development. So, with enough nutrition and stimulation from parents, children will learn in curiosity, have desire to explore the world, creative in learning. These will help them to achieve great wisdom.

Our role as parents
Support the advancement of our children mental development in various stages and make sure that our children grow holistically. We should take some time to interact with our children and explore the world with them. This positive interaction could lead the parents and the children become strong in bond, and plus it helps our children to feel more secure and 100% will support their development.

The importance of food
Nutrition will affect the mental development of children, but you should see what is required to each stage because the nutrients are more “suitable” à Better with nutrition that can support the brain and physical development.

Type of foods great for mental development
Sea fishes, fresh fruits, vegetables and Milk.

What is Speed Smart?
Practice a skill repeatedly in a short time and limited.
Start from the basic to the complex skills.
Focus on speed and accuracy.
Have clear targets and measurements.
Results achieve when possession/ smooth/ eloquence/ automatic
(do something without need to think)

Example of automatic/ eloquence/master skill

•5+2 =?      •24x10=?                      
•10-6 =?     •34.4x22=?
•3x4 =?       •120
÷3 =?     •132÷6=? 

The benefits of Speed Smart
•highly motivated
•Immediately Feedback
•Fast Learning
•Confidence increases and self-efficacy abilities
•Use time more effectively and efficiently
•Reduce fraud
•Establish an efficient habits
•Improve memory
•Release the cognitive space/ mental to learn more information

The emphasized Skills in Speed Smart

•Motor and coordination skills
•Communication skills
•Cognitive skills
•Emotional Skills
•Social skills
•self-care skills
•Skills at home
•Community Skills

The Blocks challenge
You will need a stopwatch/countdown timer for feedback notes. In this Speed Smart workshop, our children will be test in 3 seconds in different sections of games based on their ages. Because my son only 2 years old - some of the games he couldn’t join. But the games help to the children to self pick-up and how they can find solution and be faster than the first result 
(it means repetitively until they can achieve the high scores)

The Colorful Balls Challenge
The colorful balls will be put in a basket. The kids need to separate the balls into another basket with the family-color. The time will be count once they start separate the balls. Then, they need to repeat 3 rounds to achieve a better result than the 1st round.

The Lego Bricks Challenge

Dr. Alvin one of the panel expert shared his ideas about our children activities especially 1 until 6 years. The activity should not be too long for a thing so that they won’t feel bored for the same thing.
Why is it important to do repetitive activities in a limit time?

This helps to prevent our small children feel bored by doing the same thing in a long time. With the support from parents in their learning activities will help the children able to play in active and cheerful without feel stress or forcefully. The important thing is to help improving the children ability to think and solve problem as they have been train many times in limit/short time.

Formula to master the Speed Smart
Retention, Endurance, Stability, Application and Creativity

The Conclusion of Speed Smart
Fast, Accurate, High resistance, Automatic and Creative.

After the Smart Steps workshop was held, every night before my son is going to sleep, I will sing the alphabets song, numbering and counting with his fingers, and even read him some bed-stories. I did those like everyday which made him memorized and he does with the oral.

Children are like a clean cloth, and we are the ones who shape and coloring the white cloth.
We as parents always wanted a healthy and intelligent children.
So, good nutrition is needed to support and help our kid’s mental and cognitive development.

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