When I feel like got kicked out from an event.

Okay sorry for being a bit disturbing.

I feel like do I have to write up a story about this or not, but it's been 2 days, I still can feel my temper about this.

And I decided to do a write up about this.

As a newbie blogger, I might be a new person in media industry. Well people don't know me well. So I don't feel like that's a big issue for it. I am still learning even though I don't have a MASS course certificate because I am in designing industry. But I am passionate in everything I love to do.

Back to the main title, I do always attending the BluInc event. But I came to their event as their magazine reader because I totally don't know they have the media invitation for bloggers. So I always attending their event as only a reader.

Okay back again to the main title. Well this is a terrifying when I am just a newbie but feel like I am 'bajet bagus' to complaining about one of their crew. @-@. Okay I am not going to reveal who is she or what. I just want to express my feeling about her. She might not be OKAY with me but with other people she might be OKAY. Well let's say  " Don't judge a book by its cover."

Back again to the main title, why I feel like I wanna expressing my temper on my blog Because.......
It was happening at EH! Concert. They made a split space between the fans and the VVIP area.
I went there because I received 6 tickets to the concert. I was bringing my blogger friends too.

Feel really bad because I am about to blog the #ootd of the celebrities but don't have access to the VVIP area. I went to the fans area and received a goodie bag from #TBS, met new friends and also had the bodyshop tattoo on my cheek.

Back again to the main title, the concert was crowded by the guests, so I decided to have my dinner with my other blogger friends at Serai restaurant on the lower ground level before the concert started.

Then came a sister, hey you are a blogger why didn't you register yourself as a blogger on the registration table. I didn't think about it all.

Then after I am full, I Went back upstair again for the concert and when I saw the crews, I told them that  I am a blogger then they asked me to register and then I got my Media passed. I came in to the VVIP area and that's my chance  to talk with the celebrities and took photos of the their outfit.

After that, my blogger friend, Sara said she has a friend at fans area would like to meet and take photo with her. Sara asked me whether I want to going down with her? I said Yes. So I followed her. Went down and I saw that crew. The crew's face was shocked and she looked at me like "what the hell I am doing at VVIP area!" , I am not sure whether she talked to other crews when I saw the other crews look at me like "semacam."

And then after taken pictures with Sara's friends, I decided to get in back through the VVIP way, that time, I cannot entered back, that crew - she asked me to go to the fans area. That time "I feel like got kicked out from the event." After realized that I am not a famous blogger and I don't have right to go to their events again. Feel really bad because their events are awesome.

When I told Sara about her, how come BluInc took her worked at BluInc Media. Maybe that's her rezeki, I don't have right to stop her job. Well, because I am infamous blogger so it should not a big matter for me and them. And I don't think they would care about my "TEMPER EXPRESSING" or my complaining because I am just not a famous blogger, people don't care about my opinion. Sadly true.

Me and the lifestyle blogger Aliza Sara were attended the last Concert !Eh-15 Anniversary.
Okay sorry you have to read about my temper. Back again to the main title. I hope I feel relieved after I write up about this. Told my husband about this, he said "don't care la about that." And then I said, If I go to BluInc event If I ever meet her again, then how? He said, "just do don't knowlah and don't expressing you temper to her, do like nothing happen." Because no one knows whats happening between me and her. So just end the stories like Nothing happen.

And reminder to myself, stop complaining and just do my job. ;)

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