#Product Review : ZA Groovy Smoovy Oil-Blotting Powder.

Hello again gorgeous,
I'm back again to a review on ZA Groovy Smoovy Oil-Blotting Powder.
Bought this 3 weeks ago at clearance sale of ZA product for RM 10. Only 1 left so I grabbed it fast.
I heard this bloating-powder has stopped production in Japan. I don't think they have sell this powder anymore.

Because I feel the luckiest one to have this.
I have tried this on my face well, it does bloat my oily face for up to 3 hours.

This is not my first time using ZA product and it works well for me. I am a happy user for sure..
Usually after I came back from my breakfast about an hour back, I can see oil shine on my forehead and cheeks. Now I don see the same oil shine anymore, it's because I used my blusher brush to brush all over before I head out to work. Now my face feels mattifying and fresh, just like I just freshly put on my makeup at home.

I put this bloating powder 1st before I apply the foundation or base where I make it as a primer face.
Even after I put my makeup, I also apply this.. and for sure it will be in my bag and it is small, compatible and convenient for the travelers.

For the price : Its affordable. (definitely getting it again after I finish using)
Bad points: No mirror attached.

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