#Product Review : Nars Lip Color in SCHIAP, dare with PINK !

Hi NARS lover !

I might not be the Nars lover if I am not visit Nars store!

So the story was like on last October, I went to the NARS store at Pavillion, Bukit Bintang because I followed +Jannah Md Isa  and Fatimah hearts. Well they bought several items in there.

So I decided to try several NARS beauty range,but  the deep pink color is really catchy to my eyes. So I  tried it because I always go with super red color on my lip, so why not I try out pink just sometimes. I thought I wanna remove this pink color  after gave a tried. But seriously I didn't and it is still there until midnight. 

I think this color is kind of matte formula, gloss-free and super long-lasting.

Well I didn't buy it but I think I might want to buy someday because the color IS still lingerie on my head. What do you guys think ? Should I have this or not ?

I googled the price around RM80-RM90. I think it is not cheap OR expensive because it is still under RM100 and above RM50.

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