#Product Review : Method Multi-Purposes Product Because I am The Messy Queen

Hello guys !

My product review for today is for the beauty for my home-living.
Okay the story was like,
I have joining a contest for the messy queen.
I was at my mom's house for several days, so I found the place for my mom's supplement is quite messy so I decided to posted the photo of it.

And because I am so lucky I won as the Messy Queen not really sure if I am proud of it. Haha.
After the annoucement,
yesterday I've received the parcel, shocked me a quite because WOW ! What a fast delivery.
Because is is so fast so, I directly opened the package and tried all multipurposes products.


In the box package, there are 4 bottles designed + sourced responsibly from beginning to end to beginning again. That's a good karma. This bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic (PCR) and

Wow that's so eco-friendly.

Let's sneak peek what's inside my box

Method Bathroom Cleaner : Natural Tub + Tile Cleaner
Method All-Purposes : Natural Surfaces Cleaner
Method Antibac Toilet : Antibacterial Toilet Cleaner
Method : Daily shower natural shower cleaner

Method bathroom cleaner has eucalyptus mint with Non-toxic plant-based power-green technology. It helps to dissolves soap scum, cleans mold + Mildew Stains. 828ml liquid in a bottle. This liquid helps us to do cleaning more enjoyable when you don't have to hold your breathe.
To use, just spray, wipe, admire - really suitable for most non-porous surfaces.

Method All purposes natural surface cleaner with cucumber scents. Trust me I've tried this and my bathroom smells like in a spa. It is a non-toxic plant-based power green technology. It helps to cuts Grease and Grime. We think clean should smell like cucumbers not chemicals. It helps to put the hurt on dirt.

To use, just spray, wipe, admire - really suitable for most non-porous surfaces.  That's my sink. 
Can't you see how clean it was.

Method Antibac Toilet in spearmint scents. Well I've officially met my match ! It is a germ- buster ! Now I don't have to replace one unpleasant odor with another in the name of clean, my - toilet- and oldfactory system--deserves better. I gave my bathroom toilet a disinfecting jolt with a toilet bowl cleaner that uses ingredients like citric acid to purge dirt and germs. Seriously my nose hair is thank you to method antibac toilet because of the spearmint scents !
It kills 99.9% of household germs, Well including the influenza A, FLU VIRUS, Staphylococcus  Aereus, Rhinovirus, salmonella enterica, on the hard and non-porous surfaces.

Direction to use :
It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconscistent with its labelling. For heavily soiled areas a pre-cleaning steps is required.
To clean:
twist to open, squirt under rim, brush, flush and done.
To sanitize :
Empty toilet bowl, squirt to cover surface, wait 10 minutes then brush and flush.
To disinfect:
Empty toilet bowl, squirt to cover surface, wait 10 minutes then brush and flush.
Storage and disposal
Non-refillable container, store airtight at room temperature, do no reuse or refill this empty container, offer empty container for recycling, if recycling is not available, discards in trash.

Method advised : It is always a good idea to test in an inconspicuous place first.

As you can see, I've tried in my toilet bowl down here.
Trust me there is no a heavy effort like brushing because it removes those gross residue from human feaces so easily ! ;) You are gonna blow out if you know what's the residue. Hehe !

Simply steps only to get a shiny bowl toilet like in a hotel's bathroom !


Method Daily Shower natural shower cleaner with ylang ylang scents. Cleans without having to rinse with non- toxic plant-based powergreen technology 828ml.

Method Daily shower ! Okay let me tell you, I didn't read the description very well, so because it is said for shower without rinse, so I straightly spray it on my hands, seriously the ylang-ylang scents really made my day ! I thought this one for lazy people who doesn't have their shower at night, i thought it might be suitable for my husband everytime he came back from his work. 
I also got confused when it showed the BUM, i thought it might good for baby's bum.

It said in the bottle' prescription If it might touch your bum, we want it to be really clean. A spray per day keeps the scrubbing away. Effortlessly maintain the gleam on your clean tiles with our daily shower spray with power green technology, it naturally dissolves and prevents soap scum wihout giving you a moment's to worry about creepy residues. Very little exertion requiered. We would say 
"no exertion required,"
but you do have to engage your tringger finger.

This is before I read the description, I used this method daily shower on my make up brushes, I thought it helps to remove the foundation residue on my brushes, well it works. 

Guys, do  read the prescription and don't be like me !

Want to know about this product, don't hesitate to go to Method Malaysia facebook for more details !

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