#News : A note for bloggers - Bad or good ? Why we want to be a plagiarist ? + Me in Plagiarism Mode

Hello bloggers,

Hey I am just a newbie, so don't really bother what I really want to say, okay back to the main title.
Wait, eventhough I have grammatical or spelling errors, do Pardon me because I am not a literature teacher or an an audit, so I just go for own words. Hope you can understand.

Okay usually bloggers do a write up based on their experience and their  opinions.

Why You claim you are a blogger, editor or writer if you steal people's alphabets ?
So, I think when I was a parenting blogger, AND NOW I AM A BEAUTY BLOGGER, what a dramatic changes right ? I wrote many letters based on my experience on what's happening at the event. What's from my brain and heart-- I just brought those into my writings. Sometimes If I hate my friend,  I put about her in my blog but didn't mention her name. Haha !

Lol, once again with my ridiculous stories. Back to the title okay, Why ? Why we want to be a plagiarist ?

If you ask me, this might my answers, why I want to be a plagiarist ?
 The reasons are ?
-Easy money access
-Easy Copy pasta ( use the mouse to select the words, ctrl+C and then ctrl+P) Done !
-Don't have to think a lot about the situation.
-No idea what to put in blog but don't want to keep the blog empty.
-The original bloggers don't have time to check your same words in your blog? Are you sure?
-Dumb and noob because cannot generate letters.
-Don't have any experience.
-Wanna be a blogger but don't know what to put in blog
-Steal is a good job. Haha ! Kidding
There are just so many reasons but I cannot generate the words, so I'll generate soon.

Sometimes we cannot blame the plagiarist because maybe our words are way too good so they decide to take all the words and they might forget to credit to us. Haha but remember when you want to copypaste make sure not the hot-temper blogger one if not you might be ban until you die, so be careful !

To be honest sometimes I want to steal or copy paste information from the best blogger but because I am a politer person so I just STEAL it haha ! No la just kidding.

Ha ha Guys don't take this seriously. I am not a Plagiarists but this is just what I think why most of us decided to be a plagiarists. ( maybe this is just a sarcasms words of the day for plagiarist).
Plagiarist is a crime, okay. Do take note about it guys.

Thank you for read my ridiculous stories.
Hey wait, actually for plagiarist you can be sue if you do so ! So next time please don't copy paste but you can be inspired by the bloggers to write up in your blog ! I love you guys !

Much much Love,

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