#Health & Disease : Strecth Marks are my nightmare

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Hello lovers,
sorry been awhile I didn't update my blog. Yeah now I am about to discuss about my flaws. After my 1st pregnancy, I was having the serious stretchmarks on my tummy. I've tried so many stretchmarks product but none of them helped, from the branded until non-branded.

Well, I don't even showing my tummy to people even tough before I was having this stretchmarks. But you know I have a husband and because we are sharing a bed. haha.

But its been almost 2 years now, the stretchmarks are still there but the color became whiten.
So don't bother about it.

I still apply the body lotion on them. Let's see for next 20 years.
If you want for a faster result do the laser surgery, but I don't afford for it if per session is more than RM1000++.

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