#Giveaway : Ambank #givealitte share and ideas for YOUR KINDNESS TO BRIGTHEN someone's day

Hello Good People,

So today I received an e-mail about the #givealittle awareness by #ambank - might be a charity stuff to share our ideas to brighten someone's day, not only to one person but maybe to many people around us.

Basically this is just a simple tasks for our Malaysian to help each other and to create a better generation without compromises with each other.

Besides that, in Malaysia we have so many races, languages and cultural. Don't have to mention what races are we because we are already entitled as 1 Malaysia. But too bad when several politicians are making hating statement to provokes the races discriminating between us. We should get rid of those politicians.

Not only for human, but now human on earth are dealing with global warming and the worst part is Earth is attacked by the mother of nature where a lot of human died & dying in the phenomena.

What we should do to prevent Earth from hating us the human ? So come on guys share your ideas and make it happens too !

One of that, please help people around us in Poverty mode. Even we are no so rich we still can help those helpless people, even though we give a small coins they still can smiling, right? For me, don't be rich if you are not happy with your life. So make your life happy by helping the human in earth.

Lol, enough with my ridiculous introduction.

So here it is, How to share your ideas to help Human & Earth ?

•Please visit www.givealittle.com, and then you can register and submit your brilliant ideas - and bonus here, you can post as many as ideas to help people and earth in need.

•And then, as usual the campaign always work out if you willingly to share your ideas in the campaign to your friends and your fans through your media social as facebook & twitter + etc.. etc..

•Be happy now, you need to wait for the winners announcement, where RM250 will be automatically deposited in your Ambank account ( so if you don't have Ambank Savings/current account you need to create one Ambank account to receive the RM250, visit the nearest Ambank branch to make the account)

•The fun is begin on 15th December where your random acts of kindness to life stories should be record in pictures or videos and submit as many as you like the stories on www.givealittle.my

•The submission will be close on 15th January , the winners will be selected through voting process & judges selection. Woot, the best part, you'll stand to win the Grand Prize of RM20,000. Who doesn't want to win this awesome prize where I can spend it to help my mom's kitchen and give a little help to people who are in need.

• As usual when you join any contest, giveaway or something good for you - you just need to read the T&C  and the privacy when you sign up, OKAY, to prevent any misunerstanding for sure.

You can get some inspiration by type  : www.google.com and type ( How to be a kind person and not a heartless person )

You don't have any ideas, get inspired from my submission, I have posted twice for mine.

1st idea from me :

♥Thank you to #ambank for make this campaign #givealittle to give us awareness to cultivate a good attitude to everyone no matter what religion, races or the skin color.
We shouldn't follow the politician who keeps making racist statement to provokes us into broken to pieces because everyone deserves to live on earth with unity and great cooperation to create an excellent community. Besides that we can give our hands to help exterminate the poverty and and the vices. Smile is the gift for us. ♥☻

2nd idea from me

All I want is an eco-friendly environment. Thanks to #ambank for their #givealittle campaign.
•Help the Earth to shine all days.
•We can plant trees to reduce the landslide.
•We can recycle our unused glasses or bottles.
•We can use traditional diaper instead of disposable nappy.
•We can bath not more than 10 minutes to reduce water consumption.
• Sometimes you could give away your good items but unused to people who need.
• We can shut our lights to reduce high electricity consumption. Good Job

Remember to # (hashtag) #ambank & #givealittle to make your ideas acceptance.

So what you are waiting for ? Go submit your ideas, you can lead your ideas for a better nation.

Note : Please do not copy my every single alphabets in my blog and claim those words are yours. My words can be inspired, and my words are not easily came out from my brain. Please don't be a stealer or plagiarist to copy the whole words okay, and all photos are watermarked, so you cannot steal ! And ideas came from my over-loaded brain. But if you are still need them please do let me know and credit my works in your blog or posts. Clear? Well, I don't easily sue you guys the plagiarism because I am not a rich person to hire the lawyer for this kind of issue. So, get your own ideas and originality to become a very good blogger or writer. Much love from me, Syafiera.

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