#Event : Lip Ice Pink Party with Diana Danielle 2014

Hello beautiful !

On the Last Saturday Lip Ice held a party for lip ice lovers!

Date : 15th November 2014
Time : 3.30pm -6.30 pm
Venue : Marmalade, Bangsar Village11
Dress Code : Dress in any of these styles : (Fruity Colours, shades of pink, Polka Dots, Pastel Colours or Glitzy Glitters)

Because the dress code is really unlimited, I decided to wear my Kurung Batik with several big flowers on it, and matched it with a long sleeve yellow skirt. I also accessorized myself with a "dempak" necklace.

What was Happening at the Party
  • Lip Ice winners were celebrated, announced and received the hamper prizes.
  • Celebrated Diana Danielle advanced Birthday
  • Heavy refreshment, delicious and marvelous food & beverages
  • Activities & Games ( match the Lip balms with Lip Ice styles ) & Create Creative Lip Ice Board.
  • Lucky Draw

Lip Ice organized a #Selfie picture for the lucky draw. Take selfie photo + hashtag #Lipice, and then write our name on a paper and put it on the box. But I'm not so lucky didn't win any of the lucky draw.

My Lip Ice #ootd


I am such a food Lover !

Me with Aliza Sara

 Me trying out Diana's style.


The marvelous food ever


The Lip ice Winners were celebrating Diana's advanced birthday

I met these lovely fellas !


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