#Event : Julie's The Best Of Your Life Exhibition

Hello guys !
Recently I went to the Julies the-best-of-you exhibition.

Date: 29th October 2014
Time: 8.30pm (registration starts 8pm)
Venue: Main Concourse, The Curve.
Theme: Dress to Impress.

"The Best Of You" is a social awareness movement that aims to inspire public to acknowledge and appreciate their achievement and what has made them who they are today - including myself. Since they had launched in July, Julies has received overwhelming support from the
public in the form of many heart-warming, inspiring and empowering stories.

THE BEST OF YOU LIFE EXHIBITION is a platform where they have
collected spectrum from public submissions and participating supportive organisations.

They were invited us for Blogger Meet and Greet Engagement event to not just understand and learn more about this movement and about myself but I got a chance to meet with Sai Tzy Horng, the Brand Consultant of Perfect Food Manufacturing (Julies) and the man behind this whole movement.

What's happening at the event?

We were at the session to reveal about ourselves. Firstly, I have no idea what is the event about ? I was trying to understand what's the emcee was trying to dig about us. And then when they have Q&A, then only I Understand what's the event about.

I was wondering too - Who Is She? I thought it is Julies the girl in the box packaging. But exactly yes or not. It is more to about myself. Okay at that time I was trying hard to dig out what is the best about myself ?

This movement is simple.

It is about asking myself“Who is the best of you?”
By accomplishments, they mean the everyday efforts that I all put in.

It is the many seemingly small (and often unnoticed) everyday actions that reflect the best of you, and are monumental and worth celebrating. If you take time out to reflect, you will find “The Best of You”.
The event has  organized a game for us like amazing race challenge.
Divided into 5 groups and I was in group B. Choulyn helped us a lot. And we are nominated as champion. Hehe, brought back A box of julies cookies. wink wink. ;)

#thebestofyou @juliesthebestofyou Who is the best of you? I think it is referring to myself. I totally have no idea what the best of me. But I discovered myself after I went to this event. I think I have a good personality. What I want + I do always try to get it. If I think I cannot make it + I try to make it.. actually I did a lot for successful things where I started with the question marks (can I make it?) (Is it it worth to try?) (Will it be my best thing in my life?) Just put away the question marks and try to solve the answers because you never know what's in the future. Worth to try than nothing. So yeah now I achieved what I do really want. But dream won't stop. I will dig more what's in the universe to find the way... shine shine.. your way.....

More details please do visit their social links
webpage  : www.the-best-of-you.com/
Instagram : http://instagram.com/juliesthebestofyou
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/JuliesTheBestOfYou
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/thebestofyoujulies/

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