#Event : Dazzling In Dior" ➡️Star Complexion Coaching Class ➡️Star Studio Makeover Workshop

Hi Dior Lovers !
Me again updating my supposedly lated post !
So here is my Make Up Workshop with Dior make up product range.

"Dazzling In Dior" ➡️Star Complexion Coaching Class ➡️Star Studio Makeover. 
Date: October 25th 2014 
Venue: Dior, Parkson Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.
Personalized coaching by Dior MUAs

Dior Signature Services : Discover Our Beauty Secrets.

In this Workshop I've let myself make up done with Dior's MUA, Thanks to Edward !
What's on my face ? 
My Complete Skincare Routine.
Cleansing care : Water Remover & Duo Remover
Serum : One Essential
Day Care : Hydrathing Liquid Essential in gel
Eye care : One Essential Eye
Others :  Hydra Life Mist

My Makeup
My complexion : Star 030 mix with glow max concealer 003
My Cheeks : Rosy Glow and Blush 846
My Eyes : 5 colors #344
My Lips : Fluid Stick 689
Backstage Brush : Full cover
My perfume : J'adore EDP


First at all I wanna thanks to @Mymakeuporganizer, Madam Romana for informed us about Dior's workshop. I came in with +Naomie .Licouz  & +Jannah Md Isa and met @fatimah hearts onwards at the workshop.

I came in with my make up on and requested my MUA to remove all my make up . 
First at all  - he removed my  waterproof mascara on eyelashes with Dior's water cleanser. 
He absolutely got that skilled ! 
He put the water cleanser on cotton pad, put the cotton pad under my eyes and asked me to closed my eyes while he remove my mascara on every single lashes using a cotton bud.
And the he removed my whole make up using the Duo remover.

After applied Dior's skincare moisturizers.
The face touch up began.
Edward has mixed up the Star 030 with glow max concealer 003 to give a full coverage on my scar, flaws and my complexion. And then he locked them with Dior's compact powder.

Back to the basic.
He applied my face with the day care, eye care and mixed up with hydra life mist. Because I just recovered from recent chickepox disease, so he did a very gentle touch on my skin. So as you can see my chickenpox scars still in bad situation. ( chickenpoxscars are sucks)

And then he groomed my eyebrows and clean the mess of them so he could created a very nice eyebrows onwards.

For the eye shadows, he applied the lightest blue to the darkest blue, I feel like an ocean's wave touched. He gave my eyes a very thinnest line using the black liner. To end the eyes part usually with the touch of the mascara.
 For the lip part, Edward has suggested to use a red-pink color for the lip touch. He applied Dior's Fluid Stick in 689. The color is glossy, pigmented and I think I dislike the lip fluid because it is sticky and also not long-lasting. But I totally love the exclusive tube.
 Tadaaa ! My before and after makeup with Dior's product skincare and makeup range. ;)

 For my final completed look, Edward has sprayed me with J'Adore fragrance.

As you can see, those are the talented MUA I'ver ever met, Zain Zaidi & Edward. And after my makeup done, me and Naomie just had our light refreshments. I absolutely will go with coffee.

So, here is the Madam Romana who has informed us about Dior's beauty workshop. Thank you so much for given us the blogger for this opportunity. ;)

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