#Product Review : Spectacles from Focus Point

Hello everyone, my entry for today is how do I choose my spectacles ?
When I was walked in to the Optic store. I told to the optometrist that I have problem with my distance sight-seeing. And then she asked me to do the eye examination on the machine device.

Pre-testing :Auto-refraction tecnique
Auto Refraction technique

  • Quick, simple and painless.
  • Patient need to seat and places their chin on the rest.
  • One eye at time, look into the machine at an image inside.
  • The image moves in and out of focus.
  • The machine takes several readings to form a prescription.
  • During this process, no input will be require from the patient.
  • Within the seconds, a prescription is printed out  and


    Some of the information  I took from google.

    My eyes result LEFT :150 RIGHT : 175

    Visual acuity

    The visual acuity test is the one most people think of when they think of an eye exam. You will be shown an eye chart and asked to read what’s on it. Adults are usually shown letters of the alphabet, while young children are often shown pictures.
    provided  to the optometrist.
What's your face shape?
Heart? Square? Find yours and we'll point you towards flattering eyeglasses for your face shape. You can use these recommendations to help narrow your search in store.What's your face shape? Mine is Oval, chubby and long.

Focus Point Kajang

Me have dealt with Ms.Cindy Kong.

Using a phoropter to determine a prescription for eyeglasses
My face looks like a nerd student

Visit here if you have an eye problem
Made my payment on the counter : Not gonna tell the price

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