Ratu Mirifica & Jamu Ratu Dara

Ratu Mirifica & Jamu Ratu Dara

Hello again, my entry today is about the beauty supplement and health. If you wanna know that I am really aware about my health problem especially the inside of my body, because I totally don't know what's exactly happening in my immune system ++organs problem +++ and the fibrils.

An award winning product for 4 years in A row ("Speak for itself") with the famous ambassador, a beautiful celebrity and an actress : She is Sari Yanti.
I am consuming this product almost a month.

Let's sneak peek these awesomeness product :

Jamu Ratu Dara
"Jamu Ratu Dara" was formulated and practiced as early as the 1970s by Allahyarhammah Mariam bt. Abdullah and the family. Jamu Ratu Dara at that time known as the "Akar Kayu Wanita", blended with the herbs.

Traditionally used to tighten the muscles of the body
  • Improve blood circulation 
  • Relieve physical fatigue 
  • Relieve aching joints and muscles 
  • Relieve the menstruation pain
  • Relieve vaginal discharge
  • Relieve the rheumatoid arthritis
  • Help increase breast milk
  • Help restore the misccariage
  • Increase the female fertility      
  • Help you lose weight   
  • Youthful radiance and aging 
First phase (Cleanse and clear)
First phase, unique herbs of "Jamu Ratu Dara" will clean and clear all the toxins such as dirty blood, 
Fluor Albus and the waste of the menstrual blood that has been awhile in your body. You will feel discomfort during this phase but not for long & still in low level. Take the capsule with warm water to expedite the process.

Second phase (Treat) 
In this process the cleanse and detoxification process will occur, the power of the herbs from "Jamu Ratu Dara" works in parallel to treat the women's body to return to the original optimum state. In this phase, "Jamu Ratu Dara" helps the blood circulation, restore elasticity of the vagina and uterus plus it ables to treat the internal wounds after the birth.

Third phase (Prevention) 
After the internal body is healthy and well. The power of the herbs from "Jamu Ratu Dara" will continue to provide the nutrients for the body. It can helps to prevent the risks of other disease.

Price : RM30WM •RM35EM•SD$15•BD$15 
Favorite Health Supplement Ever
Me with them ♥♥♥
 Ratu Mirifica Plus
"Ratu Mirifica Plus" is the latest product from Beauty Garden Worldwide trending in the market and be a reference to women . The best combination of herbs in capsules merge.

The Benefits of Ratu Mirifica Plus
  • Enlarging and reshaping the teenager breasts and the matured women
  • Stimulate the breast muscles
  • To make beautiful body curvy especially on the butt area
  • Brightening, fining and smoothens the skin
  • Increasing the female hormones
  • To promotes the healthy of nail growth 
  •  Stimulate hair growth
  • To increase the energy and the perpetuate to freshen the body
  • Helps the Imsonia
  • Tighten the vagina and increase the intimacy
  • Slow down the menopause
  • Anti aging, younger than the real age 

 Price : RM45WM •RM47EM•SD$23•BD$23

GMP certificated
Fresh and Exclusive Packaging

Customer feedback :
Me as the consumer totally satisfied with the product packaging, the results and plus with the affordable price also. I can say both "jamu" works well for my body, I can't wait to get clear skin and hope no more big pores and acnes coming again ☺☻♥

After read please leave comments if you like or not this products ! Do follow me for more awesome products review :) Kisses ☺☻♥

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