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Hello again everybody, in this entry I would like to do a review on Elken product because my father has joined the Elken recently, I have no idea how to start with his suggestions but I will tell you the products that my father has received from the Elken. Me as usual totally love the products that are free not buy with my own money, haha ☺, but my father asked me to test and eat the products 1st. So, I'll tried and i love the taste of the spriluna. Lets sneak peek their items.

These are the products my father brought home.
Elken Spriluna Chewable
The color looks so yummy so greeny
Organic, Natural, Alkaline

The reason why I like this Elken spriluna because chewable, my son 2 years old always taking them 3-5 tablet each day.
Elken claimed their spriluna contains over 60 types  nutrients (including 46 essential nutrients)

Spriluna is like vegetable to me, the color is super dark green, has letter E on the tablet, not really sure what is it.

Because spriluna has many good in it so i decided to eat elken spriluna eveyday. I usually take 3 daily but elken suggested 5-10 for adults.
This one you need to mix with the water
Colon Cleansing Formulation from Japan( taken from Elken website)

Elken claimed Each sachet contains 1 billion Bifidus bacteria, a probiotic that produces lactic acid which helps lower colon pH and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. It helps increase the population of good bacteria and restore colon health. It also assists to minimise occurrence of constipation by promoting the release of gas via natural lactose fermentation to enlarge intestinal walls and encourage elimination of toxic waste.
Fujita Lactose-S prevents toxin reabsorption into the body by
  • Eliminating accumulated toxins
  • Eliminating lodged coprostasis (stubborn stools)
Okay I only consumed this per once for the last time because my stomach completely not well I always go to toilet after consumed this, for real to be true.
    The fish oil.
    I love this fish oil.
    EPA DHA( information taken from Elken)
    EPA DHA contains a natural extract of marine lipid concentrate from deep-sea fish in the Arctic Ocean and Norwegian Sea. It provides a dietary source of the valuable Omega 3 polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (PUFA),namely Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA).

    Wee, I love this fish oil, I usually take  1 capsule everyday, for my son I bite a bit the capsule and pinch it to my son's mouth. Sometimes I apply the fish oil on scars. It really smoothen my skin.
    The certification brands, you can trust this products 100% ( taken from Elken Website )
    I totally in love with healthy products, I might want to consume these products if I am affordable and stable but now I'll go under my father's name.

    To those who wants to consume this healthy products, you can go through with my father :
    Encik Yamin : 019-3227397 CALL HIM ASAP, cause my father is so friendly !! ☺☻♥

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