#Product Review : Bio-Essence Tanaka White

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Tanaka White Series
Okay since I have my chickenpox, I didn't use this product at the moment, after I recovered from it, then only I started use these.
Because of the chickenpox's scabies I tore up, when I put this product on the wounds, I can feel the painful reaction, and then I stopped , and after the wounds healed a bit, I started again, and now my skin can accept these products. I already consumed these about 2 days.

Well, I satisfied with this product. And I am about to give time for this maybe a month.

Here are the details about this product :

Gentle Cleansing Foam
Deep cleanses gently for fair, radiant skin. Skin feels refreshed without any feeling of tightness after use.
• Fine foam to completely remove dirt, light make-up and excess oil
• Cleanses and moisturizes skin, leaving skin cool, fair and refreshed after wash.
• Gentle formula that does not leave a feeling of tightness after wash.
Squeeze a suitable amount onto palm and lather with water. Massage gently on face and neck. Rinse off thoroughly with water. Suitable for all skin types

  • Price : RM31.90

Bright White Clarifying Softener
Thoroughly moisturizes, replenishes nutrients and prepares the skin to better absorb nutrients.

Marvelous Efficacies:
• Effectively moisturize skin, replenishes nutrients, helps skin retain moisture and prepares the skin to better absorb subsequent nutrients.
• Softens & removes dead skin cells to allow skin to absorb moisture more effectively
• Gentle formula to help balance skin’s natural pH level
• Improves uneven skin tone, reduces pigmentation and blemishes
Pour a sufficient amount on a cotton pad and gently swipe across cleansed face in wide broad strokes.

  • Price : RM35.90 

Rejuvenating Whitening Day Cream SPF20

Re-attain bright and naturally fair skin in no time. Effectively protects the skin in the day to give way to fair, revitalized skin.
Marvelous Efficacies:
• Enhanced with SPF 20 to help protect skin from harmful UV rays thus skin is kept healthy and rejuvenated
• Contains precious herbal ingredients such as Tanaka extract, Cucumber extract and Pomelo extract, combined with Bio Energy Fluid and Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence to increase collagen levels for firm and rejuvenated skin.
• Reduces dark spots and provides coverage to even out skin tone so that skin is instantly fairer
• Prevents pigmentation, brightens skin for softer skin and fairer complexion.
Take a sufficient amount and spread the cream evenly on your face. For best results, massage gently in circular motions until cream is fully absorbed.

  • Price : RM59.90

Renewal Night Cream
Intensively repairs skin cells while you sleep, achieving soft, fair & radiant skin the next morning.

Marvelous Efficacies:
• Deeply nourishes and encourages skin renewal while you sleep
• Skin becomes fairer, brighter and more translucent
• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Take a sufficient amount and spread the cream evenly on your face. For best results, massage gently in circular motions until cream fully absorbed.

  • Price : RM59.90

Okay, if you guys consume these items, why don't you guys share with me the experience, I would like to hear from you guys, Do comments and send me your feedback.

Some of the information I took from Watsons and thanaka white website

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