#News : ARE MALAYSIAN racist ? Check Out, if you are?

••••ARE MALAYSIAN racist ? Check Out, if you are?••
I was scrolling my news feed from my facebook, and I found a posted about MALAYSIAN, are we racist ? I found the video is interesting to share in my blog so I can share the message to all of Malaysians. We are living in Malaysia with many races + with the immigrants such as bangladesh, indonesian and many more. I know they are came here to seek a better job and better living, even we are Malaysian seeking money to have a better home and a better generation next-to-be.

There are so many languages we can choose to speak and write. I am not gonna listing out because I know all of us know the languages.

We all know the stereotypes. We all know what other races think about us. And we all know that on social media, remarks by individuals fan the flames of racism. To explore this issue, we decided to do a test. We got Malaysians from different races, ages and backgrounds to audition for a short film. They did not know the script. They did not know the camera was rolling. Are you ready to find out what Malaysians really think about each other?  
Watch the video down here :

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