#Health & Disease : What did I do during my ChickenPox ?

•••• What did I do during my ChickenPox?••••

Hello again everyone, my entry today, well I am recovering from my chicken pox. Started from the last Sunday 7Sept2014 until today but now I'm feeling better but still having the marks and the scabies.

I started to have a high fever on the last Sunday, but the spots were not appear yet where I still go for shopping and meet friends. And the last Wednesday 10Sept2014, the spots were detected on my face and on my neck. They started to grow like mushrooms on my whole body and I started to feel the chest pain until now. I totally cannot get up from the bed with the body itchiness, I  Don't want to have shower because no water heater, I have no Idea what to do.

The first day spots and blisters
I went to the goverment clinic, and the doctor said I'm having ChickenPox. He asked me to clean my fingers and hands regularly, and the clinic has given me antibiotic, paracetamol, priton and calamine lotion. I use all the drugs but no positive effects. I lost my appetite, even though the food smell yummy.
The only chicken rice I forced to be in my stomach

My husband bought the Lifebuoy shower soap and I bathed with it. But the spots were getting crazier, they were coming out like zombies with bubbles.... Omg.... ahhaha... And the itchiness like Crazy but I didn't scratched them at all but sometimes my nail were exposed on them especially when I wanted to tie up my hair or wear clothes.

I applied the calamine lotion to reduce the itcheness
A blister was grew like shit under my right eyelid, hard to open my eye, and sometimes I did  rub my eye many times because I can't deal with the itchiness.. Only god knows what I feel. Worst than having pimples, but both are sucks ! Ha ha ha.

I Sleep all day long and sometimes I missed my prayers,  I do bath a lot, Lost appetite, Don't know what to eat, I do blogs per pages, actually I already wasted a lot of time by doing nothing, such a horror things happening in my life,the scariest part when I look at myself in front of the mirror #iwannacry.

I read many blogs about #chickenpox, what to do, what to use and what to think, haha and I did find a product that can reduce the itchiness on my skin.

My husband bought it at a pharmacist bangi gateaway. RM 21.90.

  • Drink a lot of water (more than 3 litres a day)
  • Always clean your hands with anti-bacterial formula soap or hand sanitizer
  • Always make sure your fingernails are short and blunt
  • Take shower 3times a day or whenever your body feel discomfort
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits especially contains with vitamin C and minerals
  • Wash your clothes regularly even your bed and pillow sheet
  • You know what better for you
  • Don't let your body touch the rain
  • Don't eat food containing soy sauce
  • Don't eat spicy food at the moment the viruses are spreading away
  • Don't scratch your blisters or the spots
  • Don't let people near you or you don't near to people
  • Don't sleep all day longs
  • Don't forget to brush your teeth
  • You must know what you cannot do

I drink a lot of water more than 2 bottles per day
I eat my son's vitamin C haha
Always dry up my skin with calamine lotion and tanaka mask
Mealshake and orange juice a glass per day

Okay that's all for today on my mind, i wanna rest a bit..

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