#Event : Female Turns 40 !♥

Event : Female Turns 40 !♥

Hello Everybody ! It's super late night  entry and  I am still typing for my last event I've attended just few hours ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO YOU - HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO youuuu Femalee Magazine !! Happy birthday to you.... (hopefully you guys sing along with me ) haha ☻~~

Okay to be honest I do always following up the female magazine latest updates in their instagram, twitter, website and facebook because their updates about the beauty issues for the reason.

How do I get invited to attend the Female turns 40 ? I have joined their lucky instagram contest, where I have to print screen their mentioned page in the website and post it in my instagram. And then the passes ticket are the last for me and my husband.

But I didn't stay much longer because I am not in good health. I'm having a hot fever but still not so serious and I did cover my face with #pinkflumask and keep cleansing the virus on my hands. I hope none affected and have a very good immune system. My apologies. :(

There are so many goodies from the booth I've visited. So I don't missed a chance to get them all.
I did the tour really fast because I cannot stand on with the mask on my face and my body feels so much fatigue and tired. After I collected as mentioned in the card coupon. I left in rushed. And I didn't join the performances from the celebrities. Maybe Next time ! ☺☻♥

The booth offering a good deals for the guests
Female turns 40 !
Me with the tallest guys !
The sponsors for the event.
I didn't take much pictures of me because I don't want people get infected from me.
If you guys have comments or feedback please just comment below, let's discuss together,
And do not forget to follow me in my facebook, tiwtter, instagram and my Imotiv !! Love you guys more and more ☺☻♥

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