#Event : AuraWhite Open House Hari Raya

☺☻♥ #AuraWhite Open House Hari Raya ♥☻☺

Hi everybody, sorry for the late update about the #Aurawhite Hari raya Open House was located in Palace of the golden horses hotel, Sunday, 24th August 2014.

The invitation card

I won the invitation for the #Aurawhitebubbly : { take selfie and hashtag the #aurawhiteofficials }
I was attending the open house with a friend. There are many beauty founder and famous celebrities such as Natasha Hudsons, Amyra Rosli and Ayda Jebat.

The "Aura white" has invited the orphans and celebrated those kids and made them the happiest persons ever. I was waiting for Ayda Jebat, she was late because she had many events to attend, She was famous in drama series in tv3 #rinduawsak200% was published every monday-thursday 7pm.

Spot them if you know them.
The Malay tradition food

The ceremony was very simple and full of hustle.
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