#Disease : Am I experiencing A "Chicken Pox"?

 Am I experiencing A "Chicken Pox"?

Hello people, today is my 2nd days experiencing the chicken pox, I don't know whether it is a chicken pox or not but I have 3 blisters with liquids in there came out under my lip, on my neck and at the back of my body.

I was having a very cold situation, sore throat, and a bit flu yesterday after I took my spectacle at Focus Point, Kajang yesterday. I thought it is just a normal fever, but It is not when the blisters with liquid started to came out by one.

My disappointment appear when I have 3 events to complete this week. Will I  go out with these blisters? I wonder if this illness will spread to the people I will meet. I already vaccinated when I was a little kid to prevent the "chicken pox."

Because I am having this "chicken pox." I have researched a bit this disease in MR GOOGLE. I am gonna list out what it caused by, the treatment and how to heal. So you all and I can understand a bit about this.

What is "Chickenpox."

  • Chickenpox is a viral disease.
  • The patient will experience the itchy rash, with its extent spreading from the chest to the face, neck and limbs.
  • With a span of 7 to 10 days, the rash evolves from its initial red bump to a pulpy blister that later dries and crusts over. This cycle of rashes, that includes blistering, bursting, drying, and crusting over, duplicates itself to spread to fresh areas of the body. It ceases only after two weeks when all the boils have healed completely.
  • The fluid-filled blisters called vesicles can also occur in the mouth, around eyes or genitals, and on the scalp, which can be very painful. In some patients, these rashes may only be few in number; others may be covered from head to toe.
  • The disease and the virus, both are contagious. The disease is infectious until the lesions have dried up while the virus of chickenpox is transmissible a day prior to eruption of rashes. Chickenpox is generally mild but serious complications like bacterial pneumonia may occur.

    "Chickenpox" Symptoms

    Ordinarily, the standard symptom of chickenpox is the appearance of a
    • small red puffy
    • itchy rash over the whole body, beginning from your face, scalp, chest and back. 

    But before the rash appears,
    • mild,
    • flu-like symptoms may surface
    Suggesting a possible break-out of chickenpox. These include:
    • Mild headache
    • Abdominal pain and Loss of appetite
    • Discomfort or Irritability
    • Sore throat
    • Tired muscles
    • Unusual symptoms 
    The Symptoms of "Chicken Pox"
    • Lost of appetite
    • Sore throat
    • Irritability
    • Fever
    • Headache
    I can feel the symptoms now cause I don't want to eat even the food looks delicious, I am having a sore throat, I coughing a lot, i feel so cold but when my husband touched me he said I'm hot maybe because of body's temperature is releasing the heat and I totally fell the headache, when I cough my brain feeling like wanna Explode. Tadaa. I hope not ! :(

    How to treat this "Chicken Pox"

    Exactly, I have no idea how to ? I just re-posted to friends in my social media Facebook about this, Here are the responses. It is in Malay language, do translate in English if you want to understand it.

    Post by Syafiera Lewis.

    Many suggestions such as :
    • Drink  the coconut water.
    • Shower with herbs leaves and warm water.
    • Rest inside the house for 2 weeks.
    One of my facebook's friend, her friend's husband died caused of this chicken pox because the overall blisters not coming out. Is this for real ?
    One of the big problem is I am still breast-feeding my 2years old son. :( Do I to stop breastfeed him or ? Please guys I need your suggestions.

    The other sites wrote :

    Do the right thing: quarantine yourself and work on dissipating that bad mood.  Because if you don't, stuff like that will come back for revenge. Thank you to @ScotchThoughts good information.

    I wanna get well soon, So I can meet my family-members again.

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