Are you a Make Up Lover ?

What makes you a make up Lover ?

My Favorite brand of the year 2014 : Benefits

There are so many people are questioning about my badly makeup-interest. Some of them are giving me those positive and negative reactions but all I know I do know what I want.The history, when I was a teenager, I was having a real bad acne face, the pimples are keep growing up on my face until now but not bad as I was 15(2005). I was so low self-esteem and really cannot talk or meet with human on the planet earth, I felt like I was an alien, when I was talking with them, they were looking through my pimples directly and sometimes the worst part they were touched my pimples ! (ouch) but never mind ! The nightmare was gone ! HOW ? I was learning to accept myself by covering those pimples with those chemicals powder for sure ! Ha ha ha ! At the young age, I am treating my face with a lot of acne products but none are works ! Yay ! But sadly, my face getting worst, after the pimples started to dries, my skin started getting scars and got one big scar which darker than my natural skin tone. You never know when I was in school I was a very STUPID student because I lost my trust on my self, I kept asking my parents for new acne products for my skin but literally all of the products not really work on me. ( what a waste of money ) Ho Ho. ( I am skipping some of the dramas here, too many episodes to remember )

I thought no one will see me with this kind of face. But luckily my prince (now my husband), he has supporting me and encouraging me and and..always tell me that I am beautiful in his eyes, but I still prefer to have a blemish-skin free eventhough I am his wife ! :)

Nowadays, there are so many well beauty products you can get in the store-nearby. So you can choose ! Especially the ORGANICS lahh! Yea!

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1) Why Do I Love Makeup?
 -For sure I wanna look pretty, I don't care what people will think, I wear make up to cover my flaws on my skin, I don't want people to say that I am Ugly, I'm wearing make up not being a BITCH but being a feminine and look classy and not stealing someone's boyfriend but for my own satisfy, the big problem of the{ make up } I am getting addictive ! I can create more looks with them.

2) What Do I Look For in a Brand?
- Harmless, if lucky enough the(ORGANICS),high quality, affordable, natural color for my skin, the packaging must easy to bring, good pigmentation, nice textures,and light.

3) What are my top favorite brands? 
Benefits Cosmetics, Maybelline, Too Faces, Avon, NYX, Silky Girl Cosmetics, KATE, IN2IT

I am a beauty addict , what about you guys ? Share with me ! ;))

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