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Hi everybody!  I'm syafiera!  I will share with you guys my beauty products to review. The reasons why I'm making this blog for you guys to know better with the latest beauty products on market and the prices too!  Stay tuned for more updates!  LOve you guys so much!  ;)
Here are some details about myself.
Name: Syafiera
Age: 24 ≤1990≥
Location: Kajang Malaysia
Language: Malay + English
Favorite food: All halal food
Favorite drink: All halal drink
Height: 148 cms
Weight: 48.4 kgs
Eye-color: Dark brown  
Eye-type : Small single eyelid
Hair color: Pure black
Hair type : Not too straight not to curly more to wavy
Skin- color: Fair chocolate 
Skin type: Acne prone skin, oily skin, big pores
Face-shape : Chubby oval,double chin 
Fingernails shape : cup shape, short fingers ✌
Ear  shape : globe
Nose shape : a bit down ahead
Lip shape : Smaller than nose  

I am happily Married and a mom 1 son.

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